The Singing Letter Carrier

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The personal lives of postal employees are as varied as the jobs they do to make sure the mail is delivered on time. From authors, athletes and volunteer firemen to community volunteers and master gardeners, the list is seemingly endless.
In Dallastown, PA, Justin Conway is known by his customers as the ‘mailman,’ but to his musical fans, he’s songwriter, singer and musician "Jud" Conway.
His latest musical achievement was the release of "Southern Bound," a CD of original music. "It’s a blend of rock, folk and country," Conway said.
Using modern studio recording techniques he was able to assemble a group of renowned studio musicians for the project. "John Molo performed with Bruce Hornsby, JT Thomas worked with Tracy Chapman and my brother Dan worked with Rita Coolidge," he said. With a computer recording tool called "Pro Tools" musical tracks can be recorded anywhere in the country, sent via e-mail and edited on a computer.
Delivering mail is his full-time job and he believes in giving the best service to customers. "I consider myself a serious carrier," he said. Conway started working for the Postal Service seven years ago as a casual carrier and became a career employee soon after.
"Music is my hobby," he said. "But even with my busy work schedule, I manage to play in clubs in and around the York area.
Although he enjoys performing, he says songwriting is his true passion. "I’m a storyteller," he says. Conway has had favorable reviews of his work from as far away as Japan, Belgium and the Netherlands. "One listener said one of my songs actually made him cry," he said. "Hard to believe you can have that kind of impact."
Conway says he hopes someday one of his songs will be recorded by a major recording artist. "I’m planning a trip to Nashville to see if there’s any interest in my music," he said.
You can find out more about his music through his website. The CD is available through his website or


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