Letter Carrier Delivers Safe Performance

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Think about driving 30 years — or one million miles — without an at-fault accident.
Now think about pulling in and out of traffic, hundreds of times a day, while delivering mail without an at-fault accident — not even a fender-bender involving a mailbox, trashcan or decorative rock.
Well, Waverly, NY, Letter Carrier Lori Folcarelli — and dozens of her postal colleagues — are honored every year for doing just that. And for this, they are inducted into the National Safety Council Million Mile Club.
The honor is open to all professional drivers.
From left: Western New York Post Office Operations Manager Thomas King, Letter Carrier Lori Folcarelli and Postmaster Robert Palanza.
Folcarelli also has the distinction of driving in all kinds of weather, climate and road conditions. "I began my career in Florida, and delivered mail in Southeast Pennsylvania before moving to Western New York," she said.
"I just keep my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road," she said smiling.
"I’m always watching out for the other guy. I anticipate things, people, and vehicles and get ready to react when necessary." 
"To be able to keep focused on safe driving, day after day, is quite a feat," said Postmaster Robert Palanza during the recognition ceremony. "I’m proud of Lori and all my employees for their exemplary safety records."


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