Always on the Lookout

November 29, 2009 8:23 PM
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While delivering mail, Evansville, IN, Letter Carrier Kathy Hermann came upon a little boy, about six-years-old, standing on the porch with his back pack still on.

“When I deliver mail in this area, it’s always around the time school lets out,” the Diamond Valley Station carrier said. “There are a lot of young children getting off the bus so I’m always watching out for the kids.”

Hermann said she thought it was unusual for a child to be on the porch with his back pack still on, so she asked if everything was alright. “He said his dad was supposed to pick him up at the bus stop, but his dad wasn’t there and his grandparents weren’t at home either.”

Evansville, IN, Letter Carrier Kathy Hermann

When the carrier couldn’t get anyone to answer the door, she called her supervisor, Harold Williamson, and told him what was going on. The supervisor told Hermann that he would be right there.

After phoning the police, Williamson arrived and Hermann continued on her route. “When the police arrived, they were able to wake up the father who was sleeping in the upstairs of the house,” said Williamson.

“This is just one example of the kindness and concern our employees have for the communities they serve,” Williamson said. “The boy is safe, the father is fine, it was a happy ending.”

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