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Postal Service and National Safety Council Join Forces to Honor Safe Drivers

There are exemplary postal drivers who are honored by the National Safety Council (NSC) for driving 30 years — or one million miles — without an at-fault accident.

This time of year letter and rural carriers are dealing with mountains of holiday greetings, packages and advertisements, and, of course, the ever present perils of pulling in and out of traffic hundreds of times a day, inclement weather and watching out for the "other guy."   
Even with these challenges, there are exemplary postal drivers who are honored by the National Safety Council (NSC) for driving 30 years — or one million miles — without an at-fault accident.
Men and woman reaching this milestone are inducted into the NSC Million Mile Club. Recently several employees were honored by their managers and co-workers for their safety achievement.
Columbus, OH, Letter Carrier Matthew Gannon was honored at a surprise presentation and, in addition to a plaque from NSC, he was presented a jacket from the local National Association of Letter Carriers.
In Helena, OH, Rural Carrier Terri Ahle was recognized for her safe driving and excellent customer.
After being inducted into the Million Mile Club, Postmaster Rochelle Habel complimented Ahle for continually placing the Postal Service in a positive light by the way she conducts herself while delivering the mail.
"We just wanted to take a moment to tell you how appreciative we are to have Terri as our carrier," Habel read from a customer’s letter of appreciation. "Not only is she intelligent, prompt and efficient, but she does it with a smile and a friendly wave as well."
"Terri is a very dedicated, hardworking individual who cares about her customers," Habel added.
Youngstown Post Office honored eight letter carriers for reaching million mile status.
"Million Milers would have driven to the moon and back 34 times, or around the world more than 320 times in their combined careers delivering mail in the Youngstown area," said postal spokesperson Victor Dubina. "Instead, they drove eight million miles delivering to their customers — without an accident."

Northern Ohio District Manager Don
ald Marshall and Youngstown Postmaster Veronica Rice rec
ognized all the employees for their dedication to the Postal Service, their customers and their impressive safety records.
Honored employees and the Youngstown Post Office where they work:
  • Boardman Branch: Jerome Durkin, David DePaul, Cecil Thomas and
  • Ronald Ruchtie.
  • Cornersburg Branch: Richard Simerlink and William Huzicka.
  • Poland Branch: Dale Stratton.
  • Main Post Office: Robert Klucher.
Summersville, WV, Postmaster Julie Balser honored

all her safe-driving employees at a special reception recently including Letter Carrier Rick Preast. With his 34-year safe driving record, Balser presented Preast with the NSC Million Mile Club plaque and a jacket.
In Lemoyne, PA, Letter Carriers Rick Knock and William Jones were honored.
Both men started working for the Postal Service in 1973. They’re serious about safety, have flawless driving records and were both inducted into the Million Mile Club.

In addition to the Million Mile Club plaque, Knock and Jones were presented jackets and congratulations on their exceptional achievement — 70 years of combined safe driving. 

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