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From Postal Inspectors to Truck Drivers: The Men and Women behind the Eagle

More than 620,000 men and women work for the Postal Service — transporting, delivering and protecting the mail in one fashion or another. And each employee has a story to tell about what they do — on and off the clock.

More than 620,000 men and women work for the Postal Service — transporting, delivering and protecting the mail in one fashion or another. And each employee has a story to tell about what they do — on and off the clock.

Arresting Fraud
The mission of the Postal Inspection Service is to protect the Postal Service, secure the nation’s mail system and ensure public trust in the mail. This includes safeguarding postal revenue.
When allegations were made that a mailer wasn’t paying full postage for services rendered, Postal Inspector Raymond Williams began to investigate. But he and his team needed help.
Western New York Financial Control and Support Analyst Paul Czaja assisted Williams by gathering the information needed regarding mail payment systems. He also helped the inspectors better understand the discrepancies. With Czaja’s help, enough information was gathered and the team made an arrest — defrauding the Postal Service.
Postal Inspector Raymond Williams (left) recognizes Financial Control and Support Analyst Paul Czaja for his technical assistance in a mail fraud case.
"Paul was instrumental in educating inspectors about the intricacies of the mail entry system the customer was using," said Williams. "With his help, we moved the case from investigation to prosecution."
Czaja also cross referenced statements and invoices to help secure the customer’s conviction. "I’m glad I could help," said Czaja. "It’s important to protect our revenue."
The Gift of Life
There’s a new tradition in Forked River, NJ, for employees and customers.
"With the help of the Central New Jersey Blood Center we had 11 donors from our office as well as walk-ins from the community during our recent blood drive," said Postmaster Bill Wehrendt.
"So we’re planning another blood drive in the near future," he said. "It’s a great way to help in our community." 
Maintenance Manager and Author
Canton, OH, P&DC Maintenance Manager Mandi Massey not only wrote and published her first book, but she now plans to write an entire series — she’s even outlined and named her next five books in a series she calls Living Sacrifice.
In three months, Massey says she completed Narcoleptic Church, Home of Slumbering Saints. "The series is about the path a Christian follows in their faith. The first thing you must do is wake up from your slumber.
"I put my life experiences along with my Bible education and blend the character traits of Biblical characters with the people of today," said the 25-year postal veteran.
The book is available online at, and
Safety Speaks Loudly in Cincinnati
Cincinnati Postal Vehicle Services (PVS) employees were recently recognized for their outstanding safe driving record.
Ranging in service from 10 to 28 years, 30 tractor trailer operators have not had an accident. This equals an amazing 441 years of safe driving.
Distribution Operations Supervisor Jeff Baker (right) presents a safe driving award to PVS Driver Mike Costello.
"They have to deal with inclement weather, road construction, other drivers and the fatigue of Cincinnati traffic at all hours, and yet they all performed their job duties without incident," said Distribution Operations Supervisor Jeff Baker as he presented each honored employee an award.
Honored employees: Morris Liford, David Byrd, James Callahan, Robert Chaney, Joseph Cosgrove, Michael Costello, Michael Denney, Donald Dirr, Terry DuBois, William Duchemin, James Elliston, James Gatliff, Carl Hall, Freddie Brown, Michael Krohman, Robert Brown, Lewis Marcum, Ralph Ollendick, Edward Poland, Robert Presser, Tony Roland, Garfield Starks, Edward Stenger, James Summey, Robert Taylor, Ronald Vaughn, Larry Wilson, David Yauch, Dennis Hughes and David Burns.



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