One Million Times Three

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Three Geneva, NY, carriers were recently inducted into the National Safety Council Million Mile Club.
Geneva Postmaster Vernon Ficcaglia presented Letter Carriers Robert Voigt and Stephen Ingrassio, and Rural Carrier Stephen Chelenza with the Million Mile Club plaque — the highest award for professional drivers — as their co-workers applauded the men’s safety excellence.
Honorees must drive one million miles — or 30 years — without an at-fault accident to be eligible for membership.
"It’s about defensive driving,” said Voigt after received the award. “We do it every day — on and off the clock."
"Take the extra time,” Ingrassio advised his co-workers. “And make sure that you’re doing everything correctly." 
"In order to be safe I keep one eye on the road, one eye on the rear view mirror and one eye on the other guy," Chelenza said with a smile. “Because I want to get home to my family safe and sound.”  

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