White House Increases Staff Payroll

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The White House released its annual staff salary report late last Friday. Total 2012 payroll for 468 employees is $37,834,589.

When compared to the 2011 report, total staffers increased from 454 to 468 (a 3.08% increase), and total payroll in 2011 was $37,121,463. The number of employees in 2011 making $100,000 or more was 141 and in 2012 that number decreased to 139.

Politco.com noted in a recent article that it inquired about the reason for the increase in staff members but has not yet received a response. The article also noted, however, that the White House payroll has shrunk overall since 2009 when it totaled $39.1 million.

The highest paid employees make $172,200 per year while two employees have a salary of $0.

The average salary for 2012 is $80,843.14 and the median salary is $65,667.50.

The president earns $400,000 per year including a $50,000 expense allowance (the latest annual salary for a President took effect January 1, 2001), and the vice president earns $230,700.

The full list of salary data is included below.

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