Travel Deals for Federal Employees

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Many people would say that federal employees kind of have it made. In some ways, they likely do. They tend to have stable positions that provide competitive wages and benefits that those in the public sector may never have access to. But beyond what comes with the immediate federal employee jobs, there are additional perks, such as getting travel deals. There are many different types of travel deals for federal employees. Getting them is just a matter of knowing they are there, and often just being active about seeking them out.

Finding the Travel Deals

When you start to do a little digging around, you will find that there are many places that are willing to provide federal employees with travel deals. These travel deals may be for business or pleasure purposes. If you are a federal employee who is planning a week long trip to a relaxing beach community, you may be able to qualify for some cheap ticket deals. You may also be able to get some travel deals if you need to travel for other purposes, including those involving work or ongoing education purposes.

There are a number of different travel deals that federal employees can qualify for, including:

  • Food. There are quite a few restaurants that will provide a discount on food purchases by federal employees. This is especially true of chain restaurants. While you don’t need to do anything to plan ahead for this, you should ask if a discount is given wherever you are dining. If you would prefer, you can always call ahead to inquire about it. Otherwise just ask the wait staff or the person at the register when paying.
  • Hotels. Many hotels will provide federal employees with a hotel discount. All you need to do is inquire with the hotel prior to making your reservation, so you can be sure to choose one that does. While you are inquiring about a travel deal for federal employees, also get the details on any reward program they may have. Some hotels offer a reward program, where if you stay a certain number of nights, you will earn a free night, or similar arrangements. Enrolling in one of these programs and staying at the same hotel chain when you do travel will help to further your savings.
  • Car rentals. Many travelers today incur the expense of a vehicle rental. This can add on hundreds to their overall travel bill, and that’s just for one trip. If you plan to fly to your destination or take a train, you will likely need a vehicle rental. Inquire with the car rental companies to see which one is willing to give you a federal employee discount. Some companies, especially those that do not have a lot of reservations for that time period, will be willing to provide you with the federal employee discount or Budget coupon code, rather than lose the reservation to a competitor. You may also be able to use the federal employee status to upgrade to a bigger or better vehicle as well.
  • Electronics. Just about every person today, including federal employees, travels with some sort of electronic device. It’s something that we can’t seem to get away from today, whether it’s for business, pleasure, or a combination of the two. The good news on this is that some retailers who sell electronic devices will provide a federal employee discount on such things as laptops and tablets. If you need an electronic device to take along when you travel, be sure to inquire with the stores to see which is offering this travel deal. You will also likely find such discounts for cell phone services.
  • Gym memberships. If you are someone who works out regularly and will be traveling, you will likely want to keep up your routine. If you travel somewhere that is nice outside, you can always get your cardio outdoors by power walking or jogging, but otherwise you will want an indoor gym. Many gyms will provide you with a temporary membership to their club and will do it at a discounted rate for being a federal employee. Before you purchase the membership, check out the fitness room in the hotel you are staying at. While most have them, they are often sparse in what is offered, making springing for the temporary gym membership ideal.
  • Credit cards. One of the easiest travel deals that a federal employee can get is to choose your credit card wisely. When it comes to booking your travel arrangements, opt for one that will provide you with a low interest rate, may qualify you for additional travel discounts, and will give you either cash back or reward perks. This savings will add to the travel deals that you are getting as a federal employee.

Getting the Deals

While most people want travel deals and realize that federal employees may qualify for them, they may forget to ask for them. In order to get travel deals as a federal employee, it is important to take a few minutes before booking your travel arrangements to seek out those places that offer the discounts and deals. Often times, it is as simple as giving the place a quick call to ask if you will qualify for a travel discount or if there is anything they can do for you in this regard.

When you are making your travel deals, it’s always important to gather multiple quotes and make a comparison of what’s being offered for each rate. Many of these travel deals are available for current federal employees, yet there are some places that will extend those discounts to retired ones as well. It is also always important to carry your federal identification badge or card with you, which is what you will need to show at most places in order to get the discount. The little bit of time you put into inquiring about travel deals for federal employees ahead of time will be well worth the effort when you see the savings add up!

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