Yes, There Are Still "Lunatics"

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By on December 5, 2012 in Leadership with 2 Comments

Just came across this story on FedSmith. Apparently Congress is submitting new legislation to President Obama that will require removal of the word “lunatic” from the United States Code.

A few thoughts…

First: What? Is this really a problem? How many places does the word “lunatic” appear in federal law language, anyway?

Second: This is awful. Words matter. They’re indispensable. And you can’t simply erase an unpleasant reality by ignoring the word that articulates that reality. If it were that easy, I’d just strike the phrase “weight gain” from my vocabulary and I could stop exercising.

Third: If Congress is actually busying itself with this trivia at a time like this, it seems to me that we need the word “lunatic” more than ever.

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