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December 9, 2012 4:05 PM , Updated February 24, 2020 8:02 AM
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When you work for the federal government, there are numerous tools that are at your disposal. Some of these are designed to make work easier while others can help you plan out your future and maintain personal goals. Many of these tools were created specifically to be used by federal government workers, making them invaluable resources for every type of worker. Regardless of what you are looking for, these tools can be found online and will aid you in completing any objective.

Another great tool for federal employees is the GSA Advantage site. This website offers a wide number of services and products to government employees at a discounted price. These can range from office supplies and maintenance supplies to vehicles and machinery. Services for every field including logistics, marketing, website development, and engineering can be found on the site. If a federal government employee is looking to order a product online or is looking for a trustworthy resource, the GSA advantage site is likely to have what they are looking for at a discounted price.

A great way that government employees can connect with one another is through GovLoop. This has been referred to as the “Facebook for feds” because of the similar networking features it possesses. While some may simply pass it off as a simple social media website, GovLoop also contains a wiki, can host blogs, and is even able to notify employees of open positions. This service is open to both employees as well as those that are interested in the field of government work, making it a great resource for people that want to expand their contact list and make new connections.

Some employees are looking to the future and want to know their options when it comes to federal long term insurance care. The homepage for the federal long term care insurance program offers a number of different services so that employees can choose a plan that works for them, attend seminars, file a claim, and much more. Users can speak with an agent online to determine what the best policy is for them to ensure they are covered no matter what happens. Whether an employee is looking to start up their coverage or wants to change their benefits, they can have access to all of the necessary information through this website.

Employees that are looking to save their money can utilize the Thrift Savings Plan as well as various tools that are offered. Through the site, employees can learn about what plan works best for them and update their savings accordingly. There are several different resources that can be utilized in order to ensure that a federal employee is getting the exact plan they want so that they will have the proper funding for when they need it most.

If you are looking to change your job field or want something new, USA Jobs is the federal government’s official jobs site. It provides individuals with a powerful search engine that can search databases around the country to list any available openings. Users can create an account and upload resumes as well as check on applications online, making it a great resource for anyone looking to move up in their career field.

The tools listed above are only some of the many online resources out there for federal employees. Once you start looking around and discovering how many tools are out there, you will wonder why you didn’t utilize them sooner. Regardless of whether you need something to improve your job performance or just want something to make your life easier, there is a tool out there that will fit your needs.

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