Kentucky Letter Carrier Celebrates 50 Years

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“When you deliver to the same addresses day after day, year after year, you become part of that family,” said Louisville, KY, Letter Carrier James Thomas at a celebration to honor his 50 years of service.

“It’s not often we celebrate an employee who has served the Postal Service for half a century,” said Louisville Postmaster Steve Kirkland during the event at Downtown Station. “That’s why we are taking a moment of time to honor a man who has given a large portion of his life – his hard work and dedication – to this organization. We want to congratulate and thank him for sharing those years with us at the Postal Service.”

Thomas started his Federal career in the U.S. Army before hiring on at the Post Office Department. He has worked at the Downtown Station his entire career.

Louisville, KY letter carrier James Thomas celebrates 50 years on the job

For many years, Thomas delivered to the Shively neighborhood, saying he would watch kids grow up and move away, only to return and become his customers all over again.

Nowadays, like most Americans, Thomas orders merchandise online and always makes sure it’s shipped USPS. “When a company only offers shipping from our competitors, I tell them I want it delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. It’s my livelihood. Otherwise, that company will not get my business,” he said.

Thomas said the Postal Service is a great place to work. “Customers admire you because of your job. A letter carrier gets the same respect as a police officer.”

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