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The web site allows users to send and receive postcards from random places in the world.

Mooresburg, TN, Officer-in-Charge Penny Meade says she is always interested in ways to generate revenue for the Postal Service. While working at the Piney Flats Post Office, the 14-year employee says she discovered a revenue-generating idea by simply talking to one of her co-workers.

“A carrier at the Post Office has a PO Box and she was always receiving post cards from around the world,” said Meade. “I thought maybe she was part of a military family, so I asked. She laughed and told me about”

On the website, participants send and receive postcards. “You register information you’d like to share, request an address and send a postcard to that person,” she explained. “In return your address is given to a random person somewhere in the world, who will send you a postcard.”

A postcard number allows each participant to see who the card came from, a little about them and how long it took for the postcard to reach its destination

Meade says she signed up and is hooked. “I have, to date, sent over 500 postcards and I have received over 500 postcards,” she said. “There are school teachers around the world using to teach their children about places they would otherwise never see, except through a little card in the mail.

“It’s like a mini vacation when I go to the mailbox,” she enthused. “Even my six grandchildren love looking at the cards and asking questions about where the places are. We look them up on the globe; it’s a great teaching tool.

“Employees can encourage family members and teachers to get involved,” she added. “It teaches geography, supports the Postal Service and it makes me feel good that someone somewhere can see what a beautiful place Tennessee is.”

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