Americans’ Satisfaction With the Federal Government on the Decline

According to a new report, Americans’ overall satisfaction with the federal government is at a new low.

According to a new report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Americans’ overall satisfaction and trust in the federal government is at a new low.

The biggest decline was in the area of customer ratings of government service. This rating concerns the courteousness and professionalism of federal agency staff. The rating for this category was down 6% over the previous year. The survey noted that this could be due in part to a shrinking number of federal employees.

Satisfaction With Government

Which agencies drew the most ire from the public? According to the survey, Department of Treasury, VA, and HHS came in at the bottom. The Department of Defense scored the highest in satisfaction.

Not all agencies or services were rated poorly, however. The report notes that retirees who received services from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation gave it a score of 90. Other highly ranked services were from the National Recreation Reservation Service and the Department of Education’s FAFSA call center.

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