Top Cruise Destinations and Deals for Feds

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With spring break right around the corner and summer not too far off, it’s time to start planning your next vacation.

Cruises provide a unique travel experience the entire family will love. Taking a cruise may seem expensive, but the price is generally all inclusive, which means the price includes your room, food, and some activities. There are typically plenty of opportunities to find deals on cruises as well.

Cruise Deals for Federal Employees is a great website for finding discounts on travel – including cruises – for federal employees, and it’s easy to use.

Simply enter your dates of travel, destination, and cruise line and select “Go.” The website will provide you with all of the available discounts for your selected cruise. It also provides discounts on shore excursions to help make your cruise experience better and more affordable.

Cruise Bargains

There are other places to bargain hunt for deals on cruises, including travel sites like This site has a section just for cruise deals. The great thing about booking with Expedia is you not only get a great price, but you also have the opportunity to get bonuses such as onboard credit if you book by a certain date or use a particular type of credit card for payment. There’s also a cruise tip calculator that allows you to estimate your total expenses while onboard. is another great discount travel site. They have a wide variety of cruise options to choose from, and if you find a lower price after you have booked, simply let them know and they will give you a refund for the difference! Another great feature of Travelocity is that if you need to change your plans or even cancel, they will not charge you a fee.

One other website that is worth checking is, which is solely for cruise destinations.  There is no booking fee, and discounts and specials are always available. You can also purchase different cruise excursions to better plan your trip. If you’re thinking of taking a cruise or would like to take more than one, sign up for exclusive deals and specials to be sent directly to your inbox from and other websites.

Here are a few of the top cruise destinations.

The Caribbean

Because the Caribbean encompasses several islands, the options for cruise excursions is nearly limitless. The beautiful waters of the Caribbean make it a top destination for scuba diving, and Bonaire’s Marine Park makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to get in the water.

Grand Cayman is possibly the most popular excursion tour in the Caribbean. Here, you can visit a sandbar known as Stingray City, where you can wade into the shallows with stingrays and watch them being hand-fed.

Most people who travel by cruise to the Caribbean want to take a shore excursion to one of the beautiful beaches. If this is something you are interested in, consider taking an excursion to St. Thomas or Montego Bay for a relaxing day of sea and sand.


An Alaskan cruise is truly an unforgettable experience. Considering parts of Alaska are difficult to access by land, cruises can give you unparalleled access. Taking a cruise to Alaska is probably the best way to see this beautiful state.

One of the biggest thrills of an Alaskan cruise is the likelihood of seeing at least one whale while exploring the area. Very few people have had the privilege of seeing one of these creatures in their natural habitat, so this is a real treat.

Glacier Bay National Park is a highlight of any Alaskan cruise. Marvel at the beauty of this untouched scenery from the ship or by going ashore to participate in some outdoor activities. Take an excursion and go hiking, fishing, or even dog sledding for the day.

If you are looking for a different way to explore Alaska, consider taking one of the many train tours that are offered and see this magnificent state from a whole new perspective. Train tours take you back into the wilderness and allow you to see the interior of Alaska in a distinctive way.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is known for its stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, which is why it’s one of the top cruise destinations. Take a cruise to the Bahamas and spend the day at one of the many resorts, like the famous Atlantis resort. Or take to the water and try waterskiing or wake boarding, or snorkeling or scuba diving at one of the gorgeous local reefs.

If you want to do something unique, take a submarine or glass bottom boat tour for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. For the more adventurous, you could try scuba diving. There are even places where you can scuba dive with sharks. Relaxing by the sea is also a great choice after a busy day of exploring the area. There are countless beaches for you to visit and just take time out for yourself.  People traveling to the Bahamas who prefer to stay dry also have a lot of options, from hiking to horseback riding.


Hawaii is a beautiful destination year-round, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Visit gorgeous beaches one day and a World War II memorial the next. Every island offers its own unique experience. Take a volcano tour on the Big Island and a waterfall tour on Kauai. While you’re in Kauai, visit Pearl Harbor and take in a bit of American history.

If you’re really feeling adventurous, consider taking a helicopter tour of the islands and its volcanoes or take a dip in a warm volcanic pool. Hawaii is the perfect destination for snorkeling, so take a dip and explore the Molokini crater when you visit Maui. Or, if you want to relax and take in the beauty, take a stroll down a black sand beach to unwind.

The Mediterranean

For a destination that truly offers you variety in excursions, consider taking a Mediterranean cruise. Explore Greek culture when you visit the Parthenon or visit the village of Santorini and take a stroll down one of the black sand beaches.

Another favorite destination for Mediterranean cruise-goers is Italy. Visit Vatican City and marvel at the work of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, or spend the day exploring Rome and all of the marvelous structures the Romans created. Perhaps even take an excursion to Florence where the Renaissance began. Wherever you decide to go, make sure you take time to have an authentic Italian dinner while you’re there.

Ancient Egypt is also a popular excursion destination for Mediterranean cruises that offers a glimpse into the distant past. Enjoy a camel ride and visit the Sphynx and the Great Pyramids at Giza. There are even tours of the Nile River available.

Spain makes for a fabulous excursion. The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art offers a chance for onlookers to wonder at the beauty and elegance of the Spanish-Andalusian purebred horses. Make sure you take time to make a day trip to Barcelona to experience Spanish cuisine and exceptional wine.

Everyone deserves a well-earned break from work, and federal government employees should take advantage of vacation deals designed for them. Cruises are a wonderful way to travel and create new experiences for you and your family. Wherever you decide to go, your cruise will be an experience you are sure to remember for years to come.

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