Watchdog: EPA Should Stop Paying Transit Subsidies to Former Employees

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By on August 17, 2016 in Pay & Benefits with 0 Comments

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A recent watchdog report on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that the agency was improperly paying transit subsidies to some of its former employees.

In total, the investigation found $1,379 of prohibited, improper and erroneous payments that went undetected. In 2014, 149 (35%) of the 431 employees who had separated from the agency received the improper payments. In addition, 46 (31%) of the 149 actually used their EPA paid transit cards after separation.

The report was issued this week by the EPA’s Office of Inspector General.

In addition to the improper payments, the investigation also found that only one of the EPA’s 13 Transit Subsidy Benefit program locations implemented all of the Office of Management and Budget’s minimum internal control requirements. The report noted that agencies are required to comply with OMB’s list of internal controls for their transit benefit programs.

A copy of the report is included below.

EPA Needs to Improve Oversight of Its Transit Subsidy Benefits Program: 2016-08-16

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