FedSmith.com Has a New Look!

August 21, 2016 3:27 PM , Updated September 5, 2016 6:39 PM
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You may have noticed the FedSmith.com website looks a little different. We’ve been hard at work making some changes to improve the features and overall experience for our users.

FedSmith Blogs: Meet FedSmith.com

Perhaps the biggest change you will see is that we have merged the previously separate FedSmith Blogs website into the main FedSmith.com website. The content on both sites was growing increasingly similar from when the Blogs site was first started, creating a redundant experience for users searching for content on both sites. You will now only have to go to one place to get all of our news updates.

All of the existing content from the Blogs site is still available on FedSmith.com. In fact, we’ve expanded the list of categories to help you find articles you want to read. You’ll notice a list of categories at the top of each page along with a link to the listing of our current authors.

If you are a subscriber to the FedSmith Blogs email list, fear not – it hasn’t gone away and you will still enjoy being the first to know about new content we post to FedSmith.com. You’ll continue to get immediate notification via email when we post updates.

Subscribers to our daily email list will get some of the same content, but only once per day in the mornings, and they will get some content not found on the FedSmith Blogs list.

In short, you will most likely want to subscribe to both lists.

Managing Your Email Subscriptions

Want to subscribe to all of our lists? Unsubscribe from just one? Maybe you suddenly stopped receiving our email updates and don’t know why.

Now you can manage your subscription through our site. Look for the “manage your subscriptions” link next to the email list sign up form on any page of the site.

Image of email subscription form showing where to find the "manage your subscriptions" link

Look for the “manage your subscriptions” link at the bottom of the email list subscription form to make changes to your FedSmith.com email subscriptions

Comments on Articles

One of the most popular features of the FedSmith.com website is the interaction between our users via comments on our articles, and we’ve made some changes to make this easier for you.

You no longer will need to register first or log in to leave comments on an article. (This may change in the future, depending on the performance of the new system). After your first two comments have been approved, your comments will be automatically posted when using the same email address to post. This is done in order to cut down on comment spam.

There are a number of “filter” words that trigger moderation. This is done primarily to prevent spam as well, but some legitimate comments may trigger moderation as a result. If you see that a comment you post is being moderated, this is most likely why.

One thing that hasn’t changed: you can still get notified via email or RSS when new comments are posted on an article that you find of interest. You will see the option of being notified by email when filling out the comment form.

After testing various options on the comments and with the help of feedback from some of our users we have reverted back to the old method of handling comments. You will find the system is now the same as what has been in use for the last several years. It offers features to facilitate discussion with other users such as customizing your user profile, subscribing to be notified of new comments by email, and up and down voting comments.

Our thanks to all of our users who read the FedSmith.com website everyday and help us to be the premier online news source for the federal workforce. We hope you enjoy these new features, and we will continue to work hard to bring you the best and most current news to make you “an informed fed!”

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