Calculating Your 2017 GS Salary With Pay Calculator for Federal Employees

December 13, 2016 12:29 PM , Updated December 18, 2016 8:32 AM
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he percentage has been announced for a federal employee pay raise in 2017 and new locality pay rates have been also been announced. A number of readers have asked when FedSmith would update the GS Pay Calculator to reflect this new information.

The updated GS Pay Calculator is not in place. While we understand that readers have been anxious to calculate their new pay rates, here are several caveats.

First, the programming for this task is not done with a hand calculator. It is a complex program that takes time to create and double check the data put into the program.

We strive to make it as accurate as we can and to finish the task as quickly as we can. For those who were wondering why the tables were not put out the same day as the new locality pay information was announced, creating the program takes time.

Second, the “official” pay tables have not been released. Based on past experience, they will be released in the near future. We will revisit the GS Pay Calculator at that time. FedSmith has provided this service for several years and the data are generally quite accurate. Changes could still occur when the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issues their new charts.

Third, please remember that the pay raise process has not been completed. President Obama will issue an executive order with the final announcement later this month. We do not anticipate additional changes or we would not have created the new calculator. On the other hand, unexpected events do occur. For example, Congress could decide to become involved in the pay setting process, even at this late date.

But, as readers are considering their finances for next year, the 2017 GS Pay Calculator may be useful. It will also, hopefully, come close to satisfying your curiosity about year your salary in 2017.

As we explained in Federal Employee Locality Pay Update: Holding Off Burlington and Virginia Beach, no new locality pay areas have been added for 2017.

Just go to the GS Pay Calculator at to find out your new pay rate. The updated pay tables also include the amount for locality pay rates in various metropolitan areas.

How to Use the GS Pay Calculator

The Pay Calculator is quick and easy to use:

  1. Just select your locality (or the one called “Rest of U.S. if you are not in a locality pay area)
  2. Select your GS grade
  3. Select your step within that grade.
  4. Click on “Calculate Pay Rate” to see your 2017 pay amount.

Here is a sample of how the page will look after you have made your selections. In this instance, the calculator was used to calculate the 2017 salary for a GS 12, step 5 in the Huntsville, AL locality pay area.

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