More Lawmakers Want to Know the Status of the Pay Raise

Some Congressmen are growing restless about the pay raise and want to know when federal employees can expect to see it.

The pay raise seems to be stuck in limbo as it waits for the bureaucracy to process the changes to enable it to hit federal employees’ paychecks. It’s not just federal employees growing impatient with the process; more lawmakers have now taken notice as well and are asking questions.

Another letter was sent from Congress this week inquiring about the status of the retroactive pay raise. It came from House lawmakers this time, all of whom represent districts around the Washington, DC area, who asked for a timeline of when federal employees can expect to see it in their checks. A letter was sent last week by the Maryland and Virginia Senators wanting the same information.

The letter was sent to Russell Vought, the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget as well as Margaret Weichert, OPM’s acting director. It was reported recently that OMB is a potential bottleneck in the process of implementing the pay raise as the agency has to review and approve the pay tables before they are finalized. As of last word, it could be late March or early April before the raise goes into effect.

The Congressmen asked in their letter for a response by March 15 to their request for a status update on the raise.

DC Area Congressmen’s Letter Re: Pay Raise Status

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