H. E. James, MBA

H. E. James, MBA

Hattie James is a writer and researcher from Boise, Idaho, with a varied background, including education and sports journalism. She is a former electronic content manager and analyst for a government agency, holds an MBA, enjoys supporting local businesses, and can be reached via Linkedin.

Will Crowdfunding Disrupt Aid Relief Next?

The Peace Corps is involved in a dispute with DonorSee, a crowdfunding site that lets people donate directly to aid relief projects around the globe. The author looks at the situation and its potential impact on fundraising.

Customer Service Best Practices in the Cellphone Age

The author says that as the prevalence of cell phones has increased, customer service practices must evolve along with it. She provides some tips that federal employees in customer service positions should keep in mind when dealing with customers who may be talking on their phones.