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That 70’s Show! FAA/Air Traffic Controllers Back At It

By on November 29, 2005 in Agency News with 0 Comments

The FAA has asked a federal mediator to help with the labor negotiations between the agency and the union that represented air traffic controllers.

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Whistleblower Gets Award for Exposing Air Traffic Games, Cover-up

By on October 7, 2005 in Agency News with 0 Comments

Anne Whiteman has been recognized by the Office of Special Counsel for reporting safety problems in the control of aircraft at the Dallas/Ft. Worth air traffic facility and the agency’s failure to report safety problems.

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GSA (Quickly) Raises Mileage Reimbursement Rates

By on September 14, 2005 in Agency News with 0 Comments

GSA has responded quickly to the recent IRS move to increase the mileage reimbursement rate for federal employees.

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Forest Service Admits Mistake; Thanks Environmentalist For Pointing Out Error

By on August 25, 2005 in Agency News with 0 Comments

Everyone makes mistakes. When the federal government makes a mistake, it can be a big one. Here is one example. The test of the organization will be how it deals with the adversity it has brought upon itself.

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Agencies Reminded To Use Federal Child Care Subsidy Program

By on June 27, 2005 in Agency News with 0 Comments

The heads of executive departments and agencies were sent a memo recently reminding them they can use funds to directly subsidize licensed child care for lower income federal employees.

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NASA Center To Offer Targeted Buyout To Eligible Civil Service Employees

By on June 17, 2005 in Agency News with 0 Comments

An internal memo sent to NASA workers Thursday at Marshall Space Flight Center indicated the installation would be offering targeted buyouts to eligible civil service employees.

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CSC Wins NASA A-76 Competition To Support Shared Services Center

By on May 11, 2005 in Agency News with 0 Comments

CSC wins NASA A-76 competition to support NASA Shared Services Center.

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Postal Service Realignment Plan Lacks Accountability, Employee Buy-In And Performance Measurement

By on May 10, 2005 in Agency News with 0 Comments

A U.S. Postal Service plan to realign its mail processing and distribution infrastructure due to increased competition, higher costs and declining mail volumes lacks accountability, stakeholder input and performance measures for results, according to GAO.

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Airport Screeners Not Meeting Training Requirements

By on May 3, 2005 in Agency News with 0 Comments

The lack of high-speed Internet connectivity and staff shortages have prevented thousands of airport security screeners from getting the training they need.

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Study: Federal Agencies Failing To Report Performance Reports Mandated By Law

By on April 18, 2005 in Agency News with 0 Comments

Despite being mandated by law, federal agencies, as a whole, are failing to explain their performance to taxpayers.

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