“Surfin’ USA” – Accessing the Net at Work and Other Time-Wasting Activities – Are They a Cost or Benefit to Your Agency?

Do you have cyberloafers and cyberslackers in your workplace? Most organizations have some but it is probably a small percentage of the workforce. Some supervisors devise a solution that penalizes the whole group and not just the major offenders. Here is a summary of the most common time wasting activities and suggestions for dealing with the problem.

Are You Ready? Federal Managers and Supervisors Should Prepare for Difficult Situations and Events

Federal facilities, employees and leaders have been targets of both the deranged and those seeking to make a point in a variety of ways, some horrible, some banal and everywhere in between. When an emergency occurs in the federal workplace, are you prepared to deal with it? Here is advice that could be useful to anyone and help your colleagues and your federal career.