Continuing Saga of Deep Throat

Deep Throat was an anonymous source for information given to the Washington Post about former President Richard Nixon. Deep Throat was an anonymous federal employee with inside information. The saga continues with disputes about the large amount of money that may be reaped from the story.

Table of Penalties is a Guide Court Tells Fired Fed

A federal employee can sometimes challenge a disciplinary or adverse action through arbitration instead of going to MSPB. That happened in this case and the employee was apparently disappointed when the arbitrator upheld his removal for inappropriate conduct. The employee then went to court to try and get the arbitration decision tossed out but the court found that a table of penalties is a guide and not binding on the agency and he remains fired.

Federal Circuit to MSPB: Take the Case

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has issued a precedential decision that overturns an MSPB ruling. The court found that an indefinite suspension issued as a result of criminal charges and the failure to restore a federal employee to duty following an acquittal were two different matters for appeal. The case was remanded back to the MSPB.