A Merit Badge for the MSPB

Author Robbie Kunreuther says that a publication from the Merit Systems Protection Board “offers informed, non-partisan information about the internal workings of the Executive Branch” and explains how the GS pay system was designed as a type of pay-for-performance system.

The Federal Case That Won’t Die

How long can it take for a removal action against a federal employee to run its course? Here is an example of how a federal employee who was removed but with skill, determination, and active supporters has kept a case going for a few years, and still has room to keep it running.

Federal Circuit to MSPB: Take the Case

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has issued a precedential decision that overturns an MSPB ruling. The court found that an indefinite suspension issued as a result of criminal charges and the failure to restore a federal employee to duty following an acquittal were two different matters for appeal. The case was remanded back to the MSPB.