Results of Presidential Preference Survey

FedSmith asked readers which candidate will receive their vote for president in November. More than 9000 readers responded and the strong divisions evident among all Americans are evident in the results of this survey as well.

Federal Employee Preferences: 58% Would Not Vote for President Obama

In a survey which received about 9000 responses, more than 58% of those participating said they would not vote to re-elect President Obama. There was not overwhelming support for the Republican candidates either with “none of the above” coming in second among those running for the nomination. Readers Say TSA Procedures Make Them Less Inclined to Fly

We have posted several surveys on our site in recent weeks to get feedback from site visitors as to what their flying habits are like now that the TSA’s security procedures have been in place for a while. The overwhelming theme in the responses indicated that the procedures act as a deterrent to would-be air travelers.