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Political Passion Can Destroy a Federal Career

By on April 9, 2014 in Human Resources with 0 Comments

An investigation by the Office of Special Counsel has found evidence of political campaigning for President Obama by IRS employees at a time when the agency did not need more publicity regarding campaigning and actions on behalf of one political party over another.

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Election Season and Hatch Act Don’t Mix

By on August 30, 2012 in Human Resources with 0 Comments

Two recent Hatch Act violations serve as a reminder to federal employees about risks to their jobs during an election season. Some federal employees are even subject to violations outside of the office.

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Federal Employee Removed for Violating Hatch Act

By on March 16, 2011 in Current Events with 0 Comments

The Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) continues to order significant penalties for federal employees who violate the Hatch Act. In the most recent Hatch Act decision, the MSPB upheld the decision of an administrative law judge, which ordered an employee removed from his federal employment.

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Doing the "Obama Shuffle"–and Becoming a Former Federal Employee After 38 Years of Service

By on October 19, 2010 in Human Resources with 0 Comments

In every election cycle, federal employees get in serious trouble for violating the Hatch Act. 2008 was no exception. This fervent supporter of Barack Obama has now been removed for exhorting others while she was at work to support her candidate.

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Hatch Act Applies Even If Person Hired After Declaring Candidacy

A candidate for partisan elected position was hired for a federal job after he had declared himself as a candidate. He was fired from the Department of Labor job and the case went to federal court.

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180 Day Suspension for Hatch Act Violation

By on May 23, 2008 in Human Resources with 0 Comments

A NASA employee is hit with a suspension of 180 days as a result of violating the Hatch Act. With election season already upon us, and another five months to go before the election, federal employees need to think and understand restrictions on political activity before putting their careers in jeopardy.

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Putting Teeth into the Hatch Act

By on June 10, 2007 in Current Events with 0 Comments

A federal attorney appealed his removal for a Hatch Act violation to the Court of Federal Appeals but his removal stands.

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E-Mail, Politics and Your Federal Career: The Mix Could Be Expensive

By on March 19, 2007 in Human Resources with 0 Comments

The 2008 election is already underway. Political passion is stirring in some citizens and the e-mail send button is sitting right in front of you. Think before explaining the rationale for your political passion in a personal message to your friends and colleagues by using that convenient government e-mail system. Here’s why.

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Feeling the Heat of Your Political Passions? Have Another Latte Before Hitting the Send Button

By on January 9, 2007 in Human Resources with 0 Comments

Violating the Hatch Act can get a federal employee into trouble. Two new cases have again demonstrated that sending an e-mail while on duty in a government building can lead to disciplinary action.

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"Kerry for President" Stickers Create Problems for VA Employee

By on August 16, 2006 in Current Events with 0 Comments

An employee of the VA agrees to resign as a result of political activity on behalf of John Kerry that violated the Hatch Act.

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