What Happens If You Are Accidentally Overpaid?

Image of hundred dollar bills falling into a pile

Recent news that nearly 10,000 soldiers were asked by the Pentagon to repay bonus overpayments may have other federal employees wondering what happens if they find themselves in a similar situation. The author provides some details on how agencies usually handle overpayments.

Becoming a Military Spouse: One Woman’s Story

Image of pair of wedding rings on a US flag patch on a military uniform

What is the learning and transition process to military benefits like for a new, non-military spouse? The author tells the story of his friend who recently married an active duty service member and what she learned in the process of changing over to the military’s benefits programs.

Bullying Kills – What to Do?

The author says that workplace bullying often leads to violence or even death. She provides some statistics on how pervasive the problem is and also some suggestions on what can be done about it.