More Lawmakers Target Congressional Pay as Retribution for Shutdowns

More lawmakers want to see pay withheld from Members of Congress for shutdowns. One has even pledged to have her salary withheld until the shutdown is resolved.

More lawmakers have introduced bills targeting Congressional pay during a government shutdown.

No Work, No Pay Act

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-NY) introduced the No Work, No Pay Act of 2018 (H.R. 4870) on Friday which would require lawmakers to forfeit their pay each day that the government remains in a shutdown status.

She didn’t stop there though. Tenney also sent a letter to Chief Administrative Officer of the House Phil Kiko requesting that her salary be withheld until the shutdown is over.

“If Congress fails to do its job they too should forfeit their compensation,” Tenney said in a tweet.

Guaranteeing Timely Pay for Military

Congresswoman Martha McSally (R-AZ) has introduced legislation (H.R. 4852) that also would prohibit Members of Congress from receiving a paycheck during a government shutdown. Assuming it were to become law, this provision would not take effect until the next Congress, however.

The bill also would ensure that for the 2018 fiscal year, military and federal law enforcement, including Customs and Border Protection officers, would continue to get their regular paychecks in the event of a shutdown. This clause would include civilian and contractor employees at the Department of Defense.

Lastly, the bill would ensure that death benefits are paid to military members’ families for the current fiscal year during a shutdown.

With respect to pay and benefits for the military, the purpose of the bill is to ensure that active duty military members do not have to wait until after the shutdown to get paid.

According to a Pentagon planning memo that was recently released, all active duty military personnel are required to continue their duties during the shutdown, but they will not be paid until after it is resolved.

“This bill ensures that our military and federal law enforcement, including the agents and officers along the border, continue to get paid during a government shutdown. These brave Americans are willing to protect this nation with their lives—a priceless cost. The very least we can do is ensure they and their families can continue to pay for groceries and rent while politicians figure out this mess in DC,” said McSally.

No Government No Pay Act

Yet another bill was also introduced in both the House and the Senate on Friday that would withhold lawmakers’ pay in the event of a shutdown, however, it would not take effect until the next Congress, assuming it were to be passed into law.

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