John Grobe

John Grobe

John Grobe is President of Federal Career Experts, a firm that provides pre-retirement training and seminars to a wide variety of federal agencies. FCE’s instructors are all retired federal retirement specialists who educate class participants on the ins and outs of federal retirement and benefits; there is never an attempt to influence participants to invest a certain way, or to purchase any financial products. John and FCE specialize in retirement for special category employees, such as law enforcement officers.

How Can You Save More in the TSP?

Federal employees are often told it is important to invest in the TSP to have a secure retirement, but where can they get the extra money to put into savings?

The Thrift Board Blinked

A black and a white chess pawn sit on top of spread of US dollars and a Chinese Yuan international currency

The FRTIB has delayed implementation of its planned change to the TSP’s I Fund, but is this debate really over yet?

Honey, Don’t Hit Your TSP

Illustration of a man holding a pink piggy bank as he flees a coronavirus cell

The coronavirus stimulus bill may allow federal employees to take money out of their TSP accounts, but the author has a warning for anyone considering this.

A Bucket of Coronavirus

Red and white road warning sign that reads 'coronavirus' pictured against a blue sky

Worries about the coronavirus have pushed the stock market into correction territory. Would a “bucket strategy” help retirees with funds in the TSP?

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