Living Life on Full Disability

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When do time limits for filing for disability retirement begin to run? Can an employee obtain a disability retirement when he has not worked for the government for more than 20 years? A recent court decision addresses the timeliness and notification requirements of an unusual case.

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Love, Money and Survivor Annuities

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Litigation over survivor annuities can impact more than one person–here is one case which will lead to family tension.

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Federal Retirement and Financial Freedom–Understand the Risks and Opportunities

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Retiring with the security of having a federal retirement check coming in gives you options that many Americans can only dream about. Having options still requires common sense and good judgment–and knowing what will make you happy.

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Passion, Money and Retiring Feds

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When does the former spouse of a retired federal employee get a survivor annuity? Is a court order granting the survivor annuity? It is sufficient in some cases–but not all. Here is one where the court order did not lead to an outcome desired by one former spouse of a former fed.

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Need Help Making A Decision About Social Security Reform? GAO Guide May Have The Answers

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GAO issued a special publication of answers to key questions about Social Security reform.

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“Honey, I Forgot To Give My Former Wife A Survivor Annuity”

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The federal retirement system can be complex and confusing. Add a divorce into the mix, and the confusion and complexity increase. Here is a recent case that shows how confusing the issue of a survivor annuity can become as a result of a divorce.

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OPM Conducting Retirement Readiness Study

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OPM plans to conduct retirement survey.

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When You Retire, Should You Move?

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Retirement opens up numerous options. One option is the freedom to live where you want. Should you take advantage of this freedom? Here are some of the considerations.

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Some Feds Apprehensive About Retirement; Some Grateful for Federal Retirement Program

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Some readers are looking forward to a happy early retirement. Others are anxious and some are upset their career plans have not led to ample savings to enjoy retirement after working for Uncle Sam

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Are You Planning for Retirement or Just Planning to Retire?

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Are you planning for retirement or just planning to retire someday?

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