Brandon Christy

Brandon Christy

Brandon Christy, CPA, PFS, is the founder and president of Retirement Benefits Institute, Inc. He is an established leader in contracted federal retirement benefits education, and his company has trained over 10,000 federal employees to help them gain clarity and confidence in retirement.

3 Big Retirement Regrets

Senior aged woman sitting at the kitchen table deep in thought with a cup of tea in front of her

Are you ready to retire? How will you spend your time when you get there? Planning properly now will help ensure you have a more enjoyable retirement.

The New Retirementality

Senior couple with their backs to the camera standing embracing each other while they hold their bicycles beside them as they look out over a pretty green grass and hilltop scenic view

What does retirement mean to you? A book on the subject helps prospective retirees define their purpose for this time in life.

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