Steve Oppermann

Steve Oppermann

Steve Oppermann completed his Federal career on March 31, 1997, after more than 26 years of service, virtually all in human resources management. He served as Regional Director of Personnel for GSA and advised and represented management in six agencies during his federal career. Steve passed away after a battle with cancer on December 22, 2013.

Veterans Chalk Up Wins at MSPB and Court – Part One

A veteran who wants to become a federal employee as a civilian may run into obstacles. In preparing to conduct training on veterans’ preference and special appointing authorities for veterans, I ran across a case where an application was treated unfairly by the agency to which he applied, and then by the Board – twice – only to be rescued by the Court.

When Mediocre is Good Enough

Does it make sense for a supervisor to say, in effect, to an employee – “Your performance this year was truly atrocious, but with some hard work on your part and my assistance you may be able to achieve genuine mediocrity.”? That is the result of achieving a “Minimally Acceptable” performance rating.