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Do You Make These Seven Common Writing Mistakes?

By on January 11, 2010 in Current Events, Leadership with 0 Comments

Periodically, Uncle Sam tries to get people to write clearly and directly. The efforts usually fail. Chances are you spend a good deal of your time crafting documents to communicate or persuade. Avoid these seven common mistakes and your written documents will be clear, persuasive, and will deliver better results.

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Writing an Effective SES Resume

By on August 24, 2008 in Leadership with 0 Comments

Writing your Senior Executive Service resume will probably be the trickiest one you have ever written. Here are practical tips that may help you in securing one of the most elite and competitive jobs in the country.

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Ethics and Government Employees: How Do Federal Employees Compare?

By on January 31, 2008 in Leadership with 0 Comments

Is government ethics an oxymoron? With an entire agency and numerous ethics advisers spread throughout federal agencies, one would hope that level of misconduct in federal agencies would be minimal. It isn’t minimal but a new report shows that the federal government is at least ahead of state and local governments in the ethics arena.

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Police, Firefighters, Power and Money: Taking Power from the States and Giving it to the FLRA

By on June 20, 2007 in Human Resources, Leadership with 0 Comments

A little-known bill pending on Congress could be the “mother lode” of bureaucracy for one small federal agency. State and local governments may not like more power being transferred to an agency in Washington but what they want may not make much of a difference.

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Readers Say Change in Leadership in Congress is Positive

By on November 14, 2006 in Leadership with 0 Comments

In a recent poll of FedSmith.com readers, most think the election results are a positive event and that contracting is the most significant issue facing the federal workforce.

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Defining Your Personality With New Technology

By on June 27, 2006 in Leadership with 0 Comments

Adding a touch of personality to your e-mail may brighten someone’s day but may also unintentionally irritate or attract unnecessary attention.

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Is Executive or Manager Coaching Right for Your Organization?

By on March 20, 2006 in Leadership with 0 Comments

How can a “coach” be used by federal manager and how can a coach help someone achieve success in the environment of the federal workplace?

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Is Big Brother Watching?

By on November 22, 2005 in Leadership with 0 Comments

A new scam involves e-mail purporting to come from the FBI or the CIA.

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