Ronald Reagan and The Great Social Security Heist

Ronald Reagan was one of the most popular presidents in modern history. As a former Hollywood actor, he had an uncommon degree of charisma. The conservatives absolutely loved Reagan for his efforts to reduce the size of government, but most liberals hated him with a passion. Reagan is still revered by a lot of Americans. This reverence for Ronald Reagan helps to explain how he was able to fool most of the American people to a degree unparalleled by any other modern president. With the help of Alan Greenspan, Reagan pulled off one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated against the American people.

It is so ironic that many people, today, still believe that Ronald Reagan came galloping up on a great white horse to sound the alarm that Social Security was in deep financial trouble. He then allegedly figured out a solution to the problem and rammed his legislative proposal through Congress in a three-month period. On April 20, 1983, the signing ceremony for the new legislation took place with great fanfare. Below are some of Reagan’s remarks at the signing ceremony.

This bill demonstrates for all time our nation’s ironclad commitment to social security. It assures the elderly that America will always keep the promises made in troubled times a half a century ago. It assures those who are still working that they, too, have a pact with the future. From this day forward, they have our pledge that they will get their fair share of benefits when they retire…

Today, all of us can look each other square in the eye and say, “We kept our promises.” We promised that we would protect the financial integrity of social security. We have. We promised that we would protect beneficiaries against any loss in current benefits. We have. And we promised to attend to the needs of those still working, not only those Americans nearing retirement but young people just entering the labor force. And we’ve done that, too…

Instead of being a proud day for America, April 20, 1983, has become a day of shame. The Social Security Amendments of 1983 laid the foundation for 30-years of federal embezzlement of Social Security money in order to use the money to pay for wars, tax cuts and other government programs. The payroll tax hike of 1983 generated a total of $2.7 trillion in surplus Social Security revenue. This surplus revenue was supposed to be saved and invested in marketable U.S. Treasury bonds that would be held in the trust fund until the baby boomers began to retire in about 2010. But not one dime of that money went to Social Security.

The 1983 legislation was sold to the public, and to the Congress, as a long-term fix for Social Security. The payroll tax hike was designed to generate large Social Security surpluses for 30 years, which would be set aside to cover the increased cost of paying benefits when the boomers retired.

Let’s have a look at the events leading up to this proposal. Reagan and the government had big financial problems. Supply-side economics was not working like Reagan had promised. Instead of the lower tax rates generating more revenue as the supply-siders claimed would happen, there was a dramatic drop in revenue. Something had to be done, so Ronald Reagan set for himself a new mission. He would have to figure out a way to get the additional revenue he needed from another source.

The mechanism, which allowed the government to transfer $2.7 trillion from the Social Security fund to the general fund over a 30-year period, was the brainchild of President Ronald Reagan and his advisers, especially Alan Greenspan. Greenspan played a key role in convincing Congress and the public to support a hike in the payroll tax. A few years later, Reagan appointed Greenspan to become Chairman of the Federal Reserve System. Since Greenspan’s new job was one of the most coveted positions in Washington, many observers have wondered whether or not this appointment represented, at least in part, payback for the role Greenspan had played in making vast sums of new revenue available to the government.

President Reagan and his advisors knew, from the very beginning, that the government would soon face a severe cash shortage. Budget Director, David Stockman, had deliberately rigged the computer at the Office of Management and Budget to generate bogus revenue forecasts in an effort to convince Congress to enact Reagan’s unaffordable proposed tax cuts. When Stockman first fed the data from Reagan’s economic proposals into the computer, he was shocked. The computer forecast that, if Reagan’s proposals were enacted into law, massive budget deficits would loom ahead for as far as the eye could see.

Reagan needed a new source of revenue to replace the revenue lost as a result of his unaffordable income tax cuts. He wasn’t about to rescind any of his income-tax cuts, but he had another idea. What about raising the payroll tax, and then channeling the new revenue to the general fund, from where it could be spent for other purposes? An increase in Social Security taxes would be easier to enact than a hike in income tax rates, and it would leave his income tax cuts undisturbed. Reagan’s first step in implementing his strategy was to write to Congressional leaders. His first letter, dated May 21, 1981 included the following:

As you know, the Social Security System is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy…in the decades ahead its unfunded obligations could run well into the trillions. Unless we in government are willing to act, a sword of Damocles will soon hang over the welfare of millions of our citizens.

Reagan wrote a follow-up letter to Congressional leaders dated July 18, 1981, which included:

“The highest priority of my Administration is restoring the integrity of the Social Security System. Those 35 million Americans who depend on Social Security expect and are entitled to prompt bipartisan action to resolve the current financial problem.

Social Security was definitely not “teetering on the edge of bankruptcy” in 1981 as Reagan claimed in his letter to Congressional leaders. The 1983 National Commission on Social Security Reform, headed by Alan Greenspan, issued its “findings and recommendations” in January 1983. The Commission accurately foresaw major problems for Social Security when the baby boomers began to retire in about 2010. But that was nearly two decades down the road. In addition to the long-term problem of the baby boomers, the Commission found a possible short-term problem for the years 1983-89. But the outlook improved and became favorable for the 1900s and early 2000s. The possible minor problem for the years 1983-1989 was based on very pessimistic economic assumptions. So, at the time Reagan informed Congressional leaders that Social Security was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, the actual condition of Social Security funding was fairly sound for the next two decades.

Furthermore, Social Security was certainly not Reagan’s “highest priority.” Reagan had never been a friend of Social Security. He was a hardliner when it came to all government social programs. He called unemployment insurance “a prepaid vacation plan for freeloaders.” He said the progressive income tax was “ a brainchild of Karl Marx.” And, he called welfare recipients “a faceless mass waiting for handouts.” Reagan referred to Social Security as a “welfare program” and, during the 1976 Republican Presidential Primary, Reagan proposed making Social Security voluntary, which would have essentially destroyed the program. There is no way that anyone who knew Reagan’s record would accept his claim that Social Security was his highest priority. He had always wanted the program eliminated, or at least privatized.

Reagan’s scare tactics worked. Congress passed the Social Security Amendments of 1983, which included a hefty increase in the payroll tax rate. The tax increase was designed to generate large Social Security surpluses for the next 30 years. The public was led to believe that the surplus money would be saved and invested in marketable U.S. Treasury Bonds, which could later be resold to raise cash with which to pay benefits to the boomers. But that didn’t happen. The money was all deposited directly into the general fund and used for non-Social Security purposes. Reagan spent every dime of the surplus Social Security revenue, which came in during his presidency, on general government operations. His successor, George H.W. Bush, used the surplus money as a giant slush fund, and both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush looted and spent all of the Social Security surplus revenue that flowed in during their presidencies. So we can’t blame the whole problem on Reagan. Reagan was the one who figured out a way to use Social Security money as general revenue, and his successors just followed his example.

The $2.7 trillion, which is alleged to be in the trust fund, was all spent for wars, tax cuts for the rich, and other government programs. If the money is repaid at some point in the future, we could say is was just “borrowed.” But no arrangements have been made to repay the money, and nobody in government is suggesting that the money should be repaid. So, if it is never repaid, the money will definitely have been stolen.

This would not be such a serious problem if Social Security was still running annual surpluses. But Social Security ran it last annual surplus in 2009, and began running permanent annual deficits in 2010. The cost of paying full Social Security benefits for 2010 exceeded Social Security’s total tax revenue by $49 billion. So how did the government pay full Social Security benefits in 2010? They borrowed $49 billion from China, or one of our other creditors. And the amount that will have to be borrowed in future years will become larger and larger. If the trust fund had not been looted, there would be $2.7 trillion of marketable U.S. Treasury bonds in the fund that could be sold in the open market for cash. But the trust fund doesn’t hold a dime’s worth of marketable real assets of any kind.

That’s why President Obama warned during the debt-ceiling crisis of 2011 that Social Security checks could not go out on time unless the dispute was settled, because “their might not be enough money in the coffers.” The grandiose lie that the Social Security Administration, the AARP, and the NCPSSM, repeatedly tells the public is outrageous. They continue to say that Social Security has enough money to pay full benefits for another 20 years without any government action, when Social Security cannot pay full benefits for a single year without borrowing money. The IOUs in the trust fund are not marketable, and they have no monetary value. They are worthless!

We can easily understand why the SSA continues to repeat the big lie. That is what they are told to do by top government officials, who are trying to keep the Social Security theft a secret from the public. But why do the senior organizations continue to repeat the lie? They are supposed to be representing the best interests of their members, but, in my opinion, they are betraying their members.

So the great Social Security fraud, which began under Ronald Reagan in 1981, is still alive and well 32 years after it began. Republican and Democrat presidents and Republican and Democrat members of Congress, all share in the blame. There is nothing broken about Social Security. If the government had not stolen $2.7 trillion from Social Security, or, if the government would make arrangements to repay the stolen money, Social Security would be able to pay full benefits for at least 20 more years without any other action. But crooked politicians, who do not want to repay the money, are trying to convince the public that Social Security is a flawed system, which needs to be replaced with private accounts.

Social Security is a sound program that has worked well for more than 75 years. It ain’t broke, so why try to fix it? The government—not Social Security—is what is broken and needs to be fixed. It is time for the American people to stand their ground and fire the crooked politicians. President Obama, and every member of Congress know that everything in this article is true. But they have succeeded in fooling the people for three decades and seem to think they can continue to do so. Don’t let them get by with it!

© 2016 Allen W. Smith, Ph.D.. All rights reserved. This article may not be reproduced without express written consent from Allen W. Smith, Ph.D..

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  1. Gary Benard Hall says:

    The $2.7 trillion, which is alleged to be in the trust fund, was all spent for wars, tax cuts for the rich, and other government programs. If the money is repaid at some point in the future, we could say is was just “borrowed.” But no arrangements have been made to repay the money, and nobody in government is suggesting that the money should be repaid. So, if it is never repaid, the money will definitely have been stolen.

    • Voca Veritas says:

      Ok – just write a check to the treasury and repay the money you borrowed to spend on wars, tax cuts and other government programs. You didn’t want to pay the taxes to fund those programs – right? You were happy with the Bush tax cuts and no tax increases to fund those wars – right?
      The arrangements to repay Social Security are the same as other debts – Congress appropriates money as need to redeem bonds.
      What you don’t understand is that all funds not needed to pay current benefits are invested in Treasury bonds, collecting interest, until needed. If current receipts aren’t enough to pay benefits, then Social Security will redeem enough bonds to pay the shortage. That’s the way the system has operated since Social Security was created.

  2. Carlos J. Negron says:

    Both political parties and their phony politicians have been snowing the American people for years .
    Wnen government TRULY becomes government of the people , by the people and for the people, a positive change will occur.

  3. dnokc says:

    If politicians from BOTH sides of the aisle, including the socialist, are intent on spending ALL revenue’s received. Please explain to me how this is going to benefit the Social Security system?

  4. CptNerd says:

    “Social Security” was a fraud from the beginning under FDR, it’s the longest running, biggest Ponzi scheme ever, and just like it sucked fo Bernie Madoff’s victims, it’s going to suck to be the last ones involved in this intergenerational Ponzi scheme.

  5. Kathleen Knapp says:

    We need the Trust funds out of operating budget & reported correctly to see the truth

  6. Kathleen Knapp says:


  7. Ken Derickson says:

    Essence of the articie is reasonably correct, but overly simplified. It is difficult to get a true picture of how the politicians have used these funds and manipulated the law for their own convenience. The Social Security Administration is part of the government and therefore is manipulated by the politicians and will not be totally forthcoming on how the funds are actually being used. On the other hand, there is a lot of conspiracy theories and myths floating around, mostly due to the fact that our government has not been honest and forthcoming with its citizenry. What I have been able to glean by reviewing a lot of information from the internet, SNOPES, and the Social Security Administration website is the following:

    In 1969 (during the Johnson Administration) the SS funds became part of the “unified budget” for the Federal Government and as such could be considered “on budget”, though still a different account. The SS funds when back to “off budget” status in 1990 (Bush Administration). How SS is used by the government is a bit complicated. The SS law permits the government to use the funds, provided they are backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Government (Treasury instruments) covering the amount borrowed. This is the crux of the difficulty, From Johnson onward, all the administrations and Congresses (Democrats and Republicans alike) have “borrowed” from the SS fund for funding programs with the promise to repay the funds down the road. If the Administrations and Congress continue to deficit spend and keep increasing the national debt, where will the money come from, since it is the government that has to honor the SS debt!!

    Prior to 1984, SS income was not taxable. Reagan was the first to start taxing SS income (based on a recommendation by the Greenspan Commission), 50 percent of the SS income after a certain income threshold. This was increased to 85 percent in 1993 by the Clinton Administration.

    Moral of the story: both parties are guilty of using SS funds since the Johnson Administration through the current administration and have passed on this debt obligation to future administrations, Congresses, and the American taxpayers.

    • Voca Veritas says:

      You made a good start, but the difference between “on budget” and “off budget” is a little off. Without the “unified budget”, the Social Security Fund would report a surplus while the General Fund budget would report a deficit and the net surplus or deficit would be the sum of the 2 amounts. The “unified budget” just includes both funds in the total and shows the net surplus or deficit. It’s simply a matter of reporting and made no difference in how the money was handled. Social Security taxes collected are always, and have always been deposited into the Treasury and an accounting entry made to credit the Social Security Trust Fund. Benefit checks and other expenses are debited against the Social Security Trust Fund.
      Any surplus of collections over expenses in the Social Security Trust Fund have always been “borrowed” and used to pay whatever bills were due. That’s been true since the first dollar was collected. Nothing has changed.

      • Ken Derickson says:

        Thank you for your reply. I am less concerned about the semantics and more concerned about what happens to the “borrowed” money. Furthermore, there is no reason for us to believe what the government and politicians tell us these days–several polls clearly show the distrust of the government and politicians by the American People. It is my understanding that the “borrowed” funds must be backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government and repaid by the government. The question is, have these been repaid, which I suspect that they have not, since it appears that part of the national debt that is not really reported, is the money the government owes the Social Security Trust Fund. This is the rub. Our politicians (Democrat and Republican alike) cannot balance a budget and just keep adding on more debt and pushing it out for future generations to handle. It seems to me the reason for all the current hullabaloo about Social Security, and the Republican Party trying to cut back on benefits, is because the government has borrowed so much of the Social Security Trust Funds, that it cannot possible repay what is due, in order to meet future needs, and are therefore trying to opt out. I wish that our government and politicians were the voice of truth on this matter.

  8. Dave Stallman says:

    This article is a venomous lie if you cosult history the SS revenues were taken off budget by President Lyndon Johnson in the late 60s. Why write a story on a foundation of lies like this because it just makes your entire premise questionable.

  9. jvaljon1 says:

    Democrats in the minority are like any other go-along to get-along bunch. But Social Security has always been in Republicans’ headlights, simply because (as the article says) it’s so easy for thieves to steal from it. My solution? See to it that NO REPUBLICAN IS EVER ELECTED TO ANY POLITICAL POSITION AT ALL, EVER AGAIN. No, not even Dogcatcher – I’m too respectful of our canine friends to allow a Republican to be in charge of them, either.

    Let’s make this disgusting Republican party, a thing of the past. Starting with, not simply going to the polls when it’s time for a new President. Just make sure you’re eligible to vote (I’m talking to those who’ve moved and not bothered yet to update their Voting Cards – just go to City Hall & ask) and then, make sure that you DO vote – each and every election. Find the parties of everyone that’s on the ballot, and vote opposite of “R”. Not that hard, people…

    • Tony D. says:

      @jvaljon1, maybe you failed to read the rest of the article. Thirty years have passed since Reagan passed the bill. Yes, Reagan raided S.S., but along with a DEMOCRAT congress and SENATE in the majority. Where have the DEMOCRATS been for the past 32+ years? We have had DEMOCRAT Presidents since Reagan or am I dreaming. It is the fault of every elected official on both sides. Wake up, get your head out of the sand and blame both sides. They are all crooks and liars filling their pockets with public money. How many other Presidents have we had since Reagan? On both sides..

      • Voca Veritas says:

        No one “raided” Social Security. Excess funds not needed for current benefits have always been invested in Treasury Bonds.

        • sparcboy says:

          Did you miss what the problem is here? Let me help you with some numbers:

          Social Security

          There are several other ways to quantify Social Security’s projected deficits:
          The “75-year open group unfunded obligation,” and it currently amounts to $10.6 trillion.
          According to the U.S. Treasury’s “Financial Report of the United States Government,” the 75-year open group unfunded obligation “understates financial needs. A measure that accounts for this is called the “closed
          group unfunded obligation.” As of January 1, 2014, this amounts
          to $25.4 trillion.
          Another way to quantify the projected deficits of Social Security is to calculate the total debt the program will accumulate if corrective action is not taken and money is borrowed to cover the shortfalls of the next 75 years. This debt (including interest) would amount to $69.2 trillion.

          Let me give you a graphic image. By kicking the can down the road, we are burying future generations under a suffocating mountain of debt.

          • Voca Veritas says:

            Nope, did not miss the problem.
            The discussion was about the “raiding” of funds from the Social Security trust fund. The issue of the funds investment in Treasury Bonds has no effect on “unfunded liabilities” computations.
            Furthermore, Social Security never has been and never will be a “funded” plan. It has always, and always will be, a “Pay-as-you go” plan. Computing “unfunded obligations” can be useful in projecting future needs of the program, it is irrelevant to the actual program.

      • MrSted says:

        You are dreaming. BUSH the Elder and Bush the younger.

    • EJ says:

      I’ve got an idea – Put it in a ‘lockbox’ the money that is. Get your favorite Demorat politician to say he will put the money in a lockbox. Repeat it over and over again in a childish condescending voice during the campaign. That should do it. Then when you lose go get a massage on your jet and start supporting terrorists….Worked for Al Gore.

    • Tabernaclite says:

      Great solution,, we’ll elect Hillary, who has been stealing in the open with both hands since her husband left the presidency..that’s the ticket.. more Clintons.. better the devil you know

    • sparcboy says:

      It’s neurotically polarized people like yourself that “divide and conquer” politicians prey on. You are the people Gruber was referring to. You are the problem, not the solution.

      Hardcore establishment Republicans and Democrats are your master, and you can’t even see it.

      Seek help ASAP.

  10. Malcolm Onyan says:

    Why don’t you mention Lyndon Johnson starting this in 1968 to help fund the Vietnam war? Why do you blame it on Ronald Reagan? He did continue it, but he did not start it. AND, it needed Congressional approval (Democat controlled Congress). What exactly is your point here…or your agenda?

    • Kathryn Titus says:

      why do you defend RR and act as if two wrongs make you smarter than everybody else in the room? RayGun was the WORST president in modern times, he set up all the circumstances that led us to where we are today, AS I PREDICTED HE WOULD IN THE EARLY EIGHTIES. Where were you in the early eighties? NOBODY LISTENED THEN, and a few gullible people still don’t get it today.

      • Pepper Roberts says:

        These so called Conservatives are just stuck on Stupid. They spend more Money than anyone yet They call Themselves Conservatives. Of course… it’s NOT Their Money They’re spending ……..

        • Arthur Russell says:

          The dumb-asses think they can borrow and spend their way out of debt.

          • Voca Veritas says:

            it worked very well in World War 2 – that’s what got us out of the depression and launched the boom of the late 40s and 50s.

        • Kathryn Titus says:

          they couldn’t identify conservatism if it bit them in the genitals. They are the MOST WASTEFUL lying sacks of shite there are. That said, both the R and D parties have failed us all miserably, because WE LET THEM DO IT. I belong to neither party, and I left the now useless L Party 26 years ago. Until more people do that, they will never be part of the solution.

          • Voca Veritas says:

            Your approach is self-defeating. If you want things to change, then you need to either work within a party to bring about that change or start a new party. Independents currently represent 42% of the electorate, but have basically no input. For one thing, each independent is independent for different reasons and no 2 can seem to agree on anything. If that 42% started a new party, it would be larger than either Democrats or Republicans. Or, if the 42% joined one party or the other, they could control the agenda and have a party to their liking. Then again, if a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump is butt when he hops.

      • sparcboy says:

        I’m an Independent. Reagan worked with highly partisan Tip O’Neil and others. Clinton worked with highly partisan Tom Delay. Presidents don’t work in a vacuum. Both Republicans and Democrats are responsible for the mess we are in today.

        However, if it helps you sleep at night, continue being sucked into the “divide and conquer” politics, which the Democrats are masters.

  11. Kim Smith says:

    another good lie. social security is broke, or so they claim, then how was obama able to steal 150 billion in November, to fund his invasion of immigrants. we will never know the truth completely but one thing this article gets so right. every president has used the trust money as if it was their personal piggy bank. Now, no retiree will get even a minimum cola raise this year because for the third time in 13 months, obama has raided the money. To top that off, the Omnibus bill is promising every muslim immigrant that has been bribed to come here, that they will receive lifetime benefits of $1,850 a month, clothing vouchers 4 times a year, a car allotment every 3 years, free housing and a govt backed business loan.

    our govt made a deal with Saudi Arabia, 16 years ago, that every gas station and convienance store would be muslim owned within 20 years. The patriot Act has been used to confiscate private businesses from owners that refused to sell.

    When you look at all of the anti american laws that our Congress makes, every congressman should be arrested for treason. Every business that hires a non american gets a $3,000 tax break (Obamacare), Immigrants now have first preference status to American jobs, and in some cases it is illegal to hire an American at all (Obamatrade and Omnibus bills) Add to that their lifetime benefits and you have to wonder exactly what country our congress works for.

    • Kathryn Titus says:

      Not only has Social Security NEVER been remotely in trouble, you can be sure the thieves in the fascist wing have plenty of ways to get around the supposed “trust” aspect of the fund in order to steal from it. And those who say Bush never stole from the SS fund are liars, because there are less than OBVIOUS ways to steal from it: By UNDERFUNDING IT VIA THE FAILURE TO PAY PEOPLE A LIVING WAGE. A living wage means HUGE increases in s.s. funds, therefore if all the lost wages of the past several decades that RAYGUN helped everybody steal and who continue to steal to this day, Seiniors would not be living AT OR BELOW poverty level as I do. People don’t take into account all the SIDE DOOR methods of THEFT that goes on 24/7/365 decade after decade.

      • Pepper Roberts says:

        You can bet that Congress gets Their raise. How is it that Congress gets a raise and We didn’t get Our COLA ?

        • jvaljon1 says:

          This is how Republicans “govern” – that’s how it is that THEY (Congress) got their raise and YOU didn’t get YOUR COLA.

          Make sure that you never ever lose an opportunity to vote, ever again. Did you know that Democrats are more numerous than are Republicans? So when some of us don’t bother to vote – Republicans, all of them, ALWAYS DO. That’s the only reason that THEY WIN and WE LOSE.

        • Arthur Russell says:

          They get a raise because, even though they work for us, they think they have the right to give themselves a pay raise whenever the whim strikes. Were you ever able to do that on any jobs you had? I think any wage increases the POTUS, Congress or the House gets should be decided on by the people. They work for us!

          • Shirley Lane says:

            And the POTUS just raised all existing and future presidents an 18% annual increase yesterday. I don’t recall a vote on that.

          • Voca Veritas says:

            I don’t recall voting on your raise. POTUS didn’t give anyone a raise. Congress sets salaries for everyone in the government.

        • Kathryn Titus says:

          because not enough people pay attention or listen to the Lying Media instead of understanding that we are now the media. I told the cable company where to stuff it years ago, anybody who still watches fake “news” on cable is being brainwashed.

      • francoismarie says:

        You must be related to the Roman Emperor Titus , never saw anything wrong with taxes,again the ruling class,it is incredible to know you all vote, Obama is right ,he can do what ever he want , the world is watching him reducing the real value of the US.SAD!!

        • Kathryn Titus says:

          um you seem to think I’m a Democrat. You would be SORELY mistaken.
          YOU are the one “reducing the real value of the USA” because not only don’t you know your topic, you probably voted for those who turned it into ROMNEY CARE. There is no OBAMACARE, never has been, it’s ROMNEY CARE and if you do your OWN homework instead of burying your head in FAUX LIES you’ll learn something. Not holding my breath.

        • Kathryn Titus says:

          Oh and btw, IF YOU DON’T LIKE TAXES, move to another nation, such as SAUDI ARABIA, where oil pays for everything. And now they are trying to further keep us in a stranglehold by trying to sell us THEIR solar panels. YES A SAUDI PRINCE has realized that OIL IS ON ITS WAY OUT, and he’s already capitalizing on solar, WELL I AM IN A COALITION TO SOLARIZE MY CITY, and we already know NOT to buy from SA, we buy our panels from Canada. THINK OF ALL THE JOBS IN THE USA YOU COULD HELP CREATE if you’d get off your butt and work for SOLUTIONS instead of spending all your time talking trash. And in fact, since you brought it up, my ancestry has been traced all the way to the Mid Fifth Century. to Clovis the First, so I know my ancestry. I am also a JEW, and we don’t name our children TITUS because of the Roman Emperor, but my mother married a GENTILE named Titus so that’s how we OVERCAME THOSE OLD FASHIONED IGNORANT THINGS involving people’s names. Oh and btw, the name TITUS means “SAVED”.
          it is the 120th most common name in the USA or was at one time. AT least I don’t HIDE my real name from the public, because I have nothing to be ashamed of.

        • Kathryn Titus says:

          Don’t like taxes? THEN STAY OFF OUR SOCIALIZED ROADS, BRIDGES, out of our libraries and government buildings, don’t EVER CALL THE POLICE OR THE FIRE DEPARTMENT OR A SNOW PLOW OR use any other SOCIALIST SERVICES. YOU ARE A SOCIALIST, ALL HUMANS ARE SOCIALISTS, if you BOTHER to find out the RELEVANT meaning of the term. Get busy, you have a LOT of homework to do. The only way you cannot be socialist is to STOP TAKING FROM OTHERS, all SOCIETIES (root word social, same root word as socialism) are socialist. Learn some etymology while you’re at it. Then come talk to me.

          • francoismarie says:

            Well with your attitude you should move to
            Europe , socialism all over , open border , you
            Can not complain, please and do not forget
            Nothing belong to you even your creativity belong
            To the state , welcome to nothing,
            America is awaken thank god , or you
            Will look like Venezuela. or Cuba

        • Kathryn Titus says:

          oh and don’t forget, DON’T VOTE EITHER, we the socialist public OWN THE VOTING SYSTEM AND THE VOTING EQUIPMENT TOO. Don’t like it? THEN DON’T WHINE ABOUT IT.

      • Shirley Lane says:

        Does anyone remember Bush and reducing the amount of social security taxes for what, 6years? That most certainly hurt the fund in addition to all the other theft that has occurred.

    • Pepper Roberts says:

      Any of this has to be passed by Congress. Doubt this will ever happen. $ 1,850.00 a Month….. That is Outrageous. I’m on disability and I only get $789.00 a month.

      • Voca Veritas says:

        Your benefit is based on the amount of time you worked and were covered by Social Security and your earnings during that time. Also, whether or not you are temporarily or permanently disabled and the percentage of disability.

    • jvaljon1 says:

      That’s Republicans for you. It’s not “obama has raided the money” – CONGRESS (and the Senate) have done that.

      As bad as many politicians are, Kim Smith, their sins are many and varied, but none – read NONE – have done so much against the people of the USA – the people that they’re SUPPOSED to be serving – as has the Republican party.

      Time to sweep them out of office this year, and then for all the election days to come. As many plans as I’ve ever heard for “straightening out this country” none have been as accurate, or far-reaching, as the idea of voting all Republicans out of office, anywhere, FOREVER.

      When those fascist-types are all gone from our politics? Then (and only then); this country will see the beautiful self that it was during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and the first Clinton years (1992-2000) return – and never ever again allow Right-Wing Fascism (is there any other kind?) back into this country.

      • IluvmyUSA says:

        $777 billion, Obama took from medicare to start Obama-care, and it is still drying up funds intended for seniors and those on disability. Clinton and the Bush duo stole from SS as well.

        • EJ says:

          Their plan is to kill off the elderly. You were warned.

        • Voca Veritas says:

          No money was taken from Medicare to fund “Obamacare”. The government was over-paying insurance companies running Medicare Advantage plans and that money was re-directed to fund features in the Affordable Care Act.

  12. Redduke says:

    of course in 1983, the Democrats held the House so anything proposed had to have Democrat support. But dopey PHd.’s like this guy can perpetrate myths to fulfill some agenda. The general fund transfer is a myth and was incorporated into the Social Security act in 1939. “it isn’t that Liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so” Ronald Reagan.