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Federal Workforce Demographics: Baby Boomers Dominate

A new analysis from the Partnership for Public Service profiles the federal workforce across areas such as race, gender, pay levels and occupational categories.

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Senate Report: Secret Service Probe Was Watered Down

The lead investigator into Secret Service misconduct on a presidential trip to Cartagena, Colombia, told a Senate subcommittee that he was instructed to delete key findings from his report because “because the information was potentially damaging to the administration.”

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The Heat Is Turned Up on Federal Pay

The author offers some analysis on the debate over whether federal employees are paid too much or too little and says that neither side is going to concede to the other. He says that salary surveys are a waste and must be done differently for there to be any real conclusion on the debate.

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How Do Americans View TSA and Pre-Check?

Americans appear to be ambivalent about the level of security provided by Transportation Security Administration screenings at U.S. airports, though most seem generally supportive of the agency’s speedier “Pre-check” program.

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