NARFE Responds To Proposed Postal Reform Legislation Requiring Mandatory Medicare

June 29, 2016 9:59 PM Comments

The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association has sharply criticized plans by the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform to require postal retirees, their spouses and survivors to enroll in Medicare Part B or forfeit their coverage in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

Should I Stick with My Federal Employee Health Benefits or Enroll in Medicare?

June 29, 2016 1:12 PM Comments

I am 72 and insured under FEHB. Should I stay with FEHB when I retire at, say, 76?

Mama Bear’s Efforts to Save Her Son’s Job Added Up to Nepotism

June 28, 2016 3:47 PM Comments

A Supervisory Patent Examiner who retired rather than be busted down to a non-supervisory position for the offense of nepotism was unable to persuade the Merit Systems Protection Board, and now the appeals court, to hear her case.

5 Reasons Your OWCP Workers’ Compensation Benefits May Be Terminated

June 29, 2016 2:22 PM Comments

Federal employees’ workers’ compensation is intended to be a temporary benefit, and benefits can also be terminated at any time if the employee becomes ineligible for them. The author lists five common reasons for federal employees to be wary of that could lead to loss of their workers’ compensation benefits.

Social Security: Focus On Solvency First

June 29, 2016 1:19 PM Comments

The newly released Social Security trustees report confirms yet again that the program is in big financial trouble and highlights need to focus on solvency first. The author says politicians should focus on solvency first.

Tom Perez Says Union Members Earn Median $200 A Week More Than Nonunion Workers

June 29, 2016 9:55 PM Comments

U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez says a union job offers a weekly median income of roughly $200 more than a non-union job, but is that true?

Vitter Maintains Hold on OPM Nominee

June 29, 2016 10:01 PM Comments

President Obama’s pick to lead the federal personnel office won’t get a vote until the Congress cancels its special access to Obamacare health plans, Sen. David Vitter said Wednesday in a rebuke of his colleagues from the chamber floor.

Airport Security Increased for July 4 Weekend

June 29, 2016 5:11 PM Comments

With U.S intelligence increasingly confident that Tuesday’s Istanbul airport attack was the work of ISIS, officials are stepping up security at American airports.

Airport Security Fix: Better Training — For Humans And Dogs

June 29, 2016 5:15 PM Comments

TSA officers have to go through standardized training at the agency’s training academy.

10 Best National Parks To Visit In Summer

June 30, 2016 3:03 AM Comments

These are the 10 best national parks to visit during the warm months.

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