President Directs 1% Federal Pay Raise for 2016

August 28, 2015 6:48 PM Comments

President Obama has issued an Executive Order directing an across-the-board pay raise of 1% for federal employees in 2016.

Hoyer Lauds Plan For Federal Employee Pay Hike

August 28, 2015 10:09 PM Comments

Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said in a statement that the 1% pay raise proposed by the president for federal employees is a step in the right direction.

Judge: IRS Must Hand Over White House Record Requests

August 29, 2015 5:24 PM Comments

The Internal Revenue Service must turn over any White House requests for taxpayers’ private information, a federal judge ruled Friday.

TSA Fires Worker Accused of Sexual Assault

August 28, 2015 10:15 PM Comments

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has fired an employee accused of sexually assaulting a passenger at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

31% of Federal Employees are Veterans

August 29, 2015 10:27 AM Comments

A new report (pdf) shows the emphasis on hiring veterans has paid off, at least as far as getting them into federal positions. But keeping them there is another matter.

Federal Agencies Are Failing When it Comes to Managing Employees Throughout Their Careers

August 28, 2015 10:14 PM Comments

The management of the federal workforce–effectively using talent, providing training, creating opportunities for promotions–can have a profound effect on employee performance and job satisfaction.

Postal Service Employee Indicted For Role In $1.5 Mil Tax Scheme

August 29, 2015 8:09 AM Comments

A U.S. Postal Service employee in Alabama was arrested on Friday after she was indicted on more than 50 federal charges in connection with a $1.5 million identity theft tax refund scheme.

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