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Do you like to write articles on topics affecting federal agencies and employees? Have you written an article on an issue that would be of interest to the federal community? We welcome the submission of articles written by guest authors who have expert knowledge and experience in the federal community. If you have an article you would like to submit to us, fill out the form below to submit your article and we will consider it for publication on the FedSmith.com Web site.

Benefits of Writing for FedSmith.com

  • You can promote yourself or your business with an optional short byline attached to each article
  • You can promote your Web site with a link back to it from each article if you choose to do so
  • You own and retain the copyrights to your article
  • Write on your schedule – there are no minimum requirements for publishing articles

Becoming a Featured Author

If you become a regular author for FedSmith.com and routinely submit articles to us that we opt to publish (minimum of 1 per month), we offer the following additional benefits:

  • You can choose to have your photo displayed along with your articles
  • We set up an author page for you on the FedSmith.com site with a listing of your articles and your bio

Please see our terms and conditions in the form below before submitting your article. Please also note that articles which are simply advertisements/promotions for a product or service, are not relevant to our user base, contain numerous typographical errors, or have otherwise not been properly proofread will not be considered for publication.

  • Text you would like used to accompany the article
  • Document containing your article (Word, PDF, or text files only)
  • Terms and Conditions


    FedSmith.com welcomes submission of guest articles not to exceed 1200 words. By submitting an article for us to consider publishing on the site, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

    • You certify that you hold the copyright in the submitted article.
    • You retain the copyright in the submitted article.
    • You are solely responsible for the content of your article.
    • You agree that you will not use your article as an advertising outlet for a product or service.
    • You represent that the work is based on facts that you personally have verified, is not libelous or slanderous, is yours alone and does not infringe upon another's copyright. If the content of your article or your copyright is challenged, you are solely responsible for handling the challenge and you hereby indemnify and hold FedSmith.com and FedSmith Inc harmless from any liability resulting from any such challenge.
    • You hereby give permission for us to publish your article on the FedSmith.com site, subject to the site's stated terms and conditions as well as to the provisions of this "Writing for FedSmith.com" page.
    • We have the sole and unfettered discretion to publish or not publish your article, with or without explanation to you.
    • We have the right to edit the article.
    • We will not pay royalties, expenses or any other compensation for your article.
    • If we publish your article on Fedsmith.com and if you request at the time you submit it to us, we will identify you in the article as the author and will include your contact information so that readers may be in direct touch with you. Any contact information you provide should be included in the 'author bio' field in the form above.
    • You may post a link on another web site which links directly back to your article on the FedSmith.com site; however any such links may not be framed within the design of the originating web site.

    By submitting an article for us to consider publishing on the site, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

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