Become a Master Communicator

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Remember the last time you saw a presentation that made you want to leap to your feet and cheer?

Remember how much you enjoyed the last conversation you had where the other person was really listening, really hearing—and truly understanding—what you were saying?

We are drawn to captivating speakers, engaging conversationalists, persuasive writers, and great listeners. That’s why these people are often hugely successful—at work and in life.

For most of us, these skills don’t come naturally. And almost no one is born with all of them. Just ask yourself if any of these scenarios sound familiar.

  • You’re asked to give a status update at your company’s all-hands meeting—and you’re terrified of public speaking.
  • You need to write a document for senior management—and you just can’t get started.
  • You just had a conference call with co-workers to discuss a project—and now you’re more confused than you were before the call.
  • You’re in a meeting and you’ve just been asked for your opinion—and you haven’t been paying attention for several minutes.

Communication skills aren’t magic. They aren’t inherited by a lucky few, either. You can learn them. And you’ll find many of them in this free little ebook, Become a Master Communicator: 59 Quick and Easy Tips You Can Use Today to Become a Standout Writer, Speaker, Presenter, and Listener.

I’ve loaded this book with dozens of techniques used by the very best communicators. Just a few examples:

A simple presentation tip that will help you get your audience on your side, every time. (Tip 24)

Proven tricks to conquer stage fright. (Tips 37-41)

One thing you should never do in conversation. (Tip 46)

A guaranteed method to beat writer’s block and start writing. (Tip 21)

A clever trick for making your statistics interesting and memorable. (Tip 32)

I hope you will download and enjoy this free ebook—and that you’ll find valuable techniques to help you become a master communicator.

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