Writing Tip: Use Simpler Words

It’s best to use a simple approach to writing to help your reader understand your message.

Writing is a conversation between you and your reader.

In your face-to-face conversations, at work and in your personal life, you strive to use clear and engaging language. Similar rules apply to good writing.

Many professionals write in a formal, puffed-up style (as per your request, hereinafter, I am of the opinion…) because they think it will make their work appear more important and impressive.

The opposite is true, of course, as you know if you’ve ever read a memo or report written loaded with this type of gobbledegook. Pompous writing like this confuses and frustrates readers. Worse, it gives the impression that the writer either doesn’t think clearly or doesn’t respect readers’ time. Or both.

Strive to write your work-related documents in a conversational, informal style that’s easy to understand. This actually will impress your readers.


About the Author

Robbie Hyman is a professional communications and public affairs writer. He has 15 years’ experience writing for nonprofits, small business and multibillion-dollar international organizations and is available as a freelance writer for federal agencies.

Robbie has written thousands of pages of content, including white papers, speeches, published articles, reports, manuals, newsletters, video scripts, advertisements, technical document and other materials. He is also co-founder of MoneySavvyTeen.com, an online course that teaches smart money habits to teenagers.