Seaside Carrier Helps Elderly Woman

March 8, 2014 7:40 PM
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Bay-Valley District’s Seaside Letter Carrier Rafael Leon was making his appointed delivery rounds recently when he heard a faint cry. He looked around but didn’t see anyone in distress. Knowing his route very well, he remembered that an elderly woman lived alone across the street. As he walked closer to the residence, he heard the faint cry again coming from inside the garage.

Leon called to the woman through the garage door. She said she had fallen in an adjacent room and broke her hip. She gave him the code to the garage door so he could enter. Leon immediately called 911. He brought her a pillow and blanket and convinced her to remain lying where she was until the paramedics arrived.

When the paramedics came, Leon continued on with his appointed rounds, stopping at the elderly woman’s daughter’s house a few blocks away to inform her about her mother. Leon told no one about the incident, until a letter arrived addressed to Seaside Postmaster Rick Keppeler.

In the letter, the woman’s daughter wrote, “Rafael has always been a very friendly and helpful mail carrier but he truly went out of his way to help with a dire situation which could have been so much more serious.”

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