'You Saved My Mother’s Life'

September 26, 2014 5:42 AM
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Santa Ana District’s South Main Station Letter Carrier Eddie Meneses was on his appointed rounds when he heard elderly customer Mary Camarillo scream his name.

Meneses immediately ran to Camarillo’s aid. She had fallen onto the porch after trying to retrieve a package. Meneses, also known as “Mailman Eddie,” helped her get up and waited for Camarillo’s daughter to return who was expected shortly. Upon her daughter’s return, Camarillo was rushed to Emergency.

The next day, Mailman Eddie inquired with Camarillo’s other daughter about her mother’s condition. She responded by giving him a hug and saying, “You saved my mother’s life.”

Later, both daughters phoned the Post Office to tell the manager about the heroic actions of Mailman Eddie. Acting South Main Station Manager Cathy Phillips was on the other end of the phone and thanked the ladies for notifying her about the incident because Mailman Eddie, not wanting praise, did not mention to anyone what he had done.

After the elder Camarillo returned home from the hospital, Phillips arranged for Mailman Eddie to visit her and take a photo. Camarillo thanked him once again and said, “A lady walked by after I fell and just kept walking. If you hadn’t come by, I would not be taking a photo with you today.”

“I was just doing my job,” Meneses said to Mary. “I was glad that I could help her and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Sadly, Mary Camarillo passed away a short time later due to congestive heart failure.

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