Brenton Smith

Brenton Smith

Brenton Smith (A.K.A. Joe The Economist) writes nationally on the issue of Social Security reform with work appearing in Forbes,, MarketWatch,, and regional media like The Denver Post.

Double Taxation of Social Security

Word 'tax' spelled out with colored wooden alphabet blocks on top of a stack of coins

The author says that what he describes as double taxation of Social Security benefits is unfair, but Congress has little option to address the situation.

Social Security Needs More Independent Oversight

Social Security card with a financial statement and a calculator

Social Security hasn’t had Public Trustees in two years, and the author says the fact that President Trump hasn’t nominated a replacement should frighten the average person worried about the financial stability of the program. Who is producing the numbers that guide the discussion of Social Security?


Stack of coins along with letters 'CPI'

Recently proposed legislation would apply a new COLA for all federal benefits programs, but the author cautions that it may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Where is Esurance Beatrice When You Need Her?

The author says that it appears that the Trump administration’s nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget has a fundamental misunderstanding of Social Security’s relationship to the federal debt.

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