Robert Dietrich

Robert Dietrich

Since retiring in 2011 after nearly 40 years of federal service, Bob Dietrich has been active in training supervisors and HR staff on FLSA and FMLA. He has a three-day course that he can bring to your agency, and he may be reached through the website.

Alphabet Soup and FMLA Abuse

FMLA family and medical leave act and stethoscope

Supervisors must ensure compliance with FMLA law while also preventing leave abuse by employees. These are some tips to help navigate the process.

Some Case Law Surrounding Excessive Leave

The author says that one of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks for supervisors is dealing with the small number of employees who abuse leave. He describes some of the keys to dealing with these problems as well as some court cases that set precedent for what agencies can and can’t do in dealing with leave and attendance problems.

The Adjudication of Attendance

Out of office written on a card at the desk

The author says that it is a well established fact that managers have the right to establish standards for requiring employee attendance at work. He notes, however, that failure to enforce attendance requirements can result in further attendance problems and lower morale among employees. He says that supervisors should never be afraid to initiate the appropriate action when warranted and cites some cases as precedent for enforcing consistent attendance in the federal workplace.

Effective Management Requires Effective Discipline

Image of two 3D people with one taking disciplinary action against another

The author says that to many employees, the concept of discipline usually conjures up a very negative impression as being punitive. However, he says that if applied effectively, discipline is designed to modify behavior or performance and should always be the first and foremost goal of supervisors and management.

You Get What You Paid For – Part II

The author discusses the case of an employee who could lose her job through no fault of her own due to a mistake made by her agency’s human resources department. He describes the latest details of the case and what he believes to be the broader implications of the situation for federal employment.

You Get What You Paid For!!

Image of businessman holding icons of people in the palms of his hands - depicts human resources concept

The author says that the number of gifted and knowledgeable people working in human resources are rapidly disappearing onto the retirement rolls. He outlines a scenario that has arisen as a result of this which could have disastrous consequences for the employee involved.

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