Federal Employee Pay

How much are federal employees who work for the United States federal government paid? How can you find individual federal employees’ salaries by name? What are current federal employees’ salaries?

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is the federal agency tasked with providing leadership on pay administration for civilian federal employees.

How Do You Lookup Salaries of Individual Federal Employees Online?

Did you know that the salaries of individual federal employees are public information? How do you look up the salaries of individual federal employees online? To learn how to perform a federal employee salary lookup online, see this article: How to Find Federal Employees’ Salaries by Name.

How Are Pay Raises for Federal Employees Determined?

By law, Congress and the president determine how much, if any, pay raise federal employees get in a given year. Because it is determined by a political process, it is more complex and confusing than one might assume.

Federal employees received a 2.7% across-the-board pay increase for 2022.

To see how federal employees have fared with their raises under both political parties, see our article: 50 Years of Federal Pay: Democrats v. Republicans.

Although they are often confused as being the same thing, the annual pay raise for federal employees is different from the annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) calculation for federal retirees.

For complete details on the pay raise process, see How is the Annual Federal Employee Pay Raise Determined?.

What is the Difference in an Annual COLA and the Federal Employee Pay Raise?

The annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) is paid to retired federal employees (federal retirees) as an increase in their monthly annuity payments. It is applied automatically at the start of each year as determined by an automatic formula.

The federal pay raise is given to current federal employees and is determined by a political process rather than an automatic formula.

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