Do FLSA Exempt Employees Get Overtime?

You indicated that an employee cannot receive comp time for the additional hours worked when on TDY unless it is scheduled 30 days in advance in which case the only compensation that can be received is overtime pay. If the employee is exempt, why can he receive overtime pay at all?

Can You Lose Comp Time?

How long do you have to use the comp time you accrue during the year? Can you lose it if you don’t use it within a certain period of time?

Comp Time for Part Timers

My agency or, at least, my location, does not afford part-time employees the option of selecting comp-time for hours in excess of 8 per day or 40 per week. Is this difference between full-time and part-time employees permissible?

Scheduling for Known Work Requirements

Our facility has a sign up roster for staff to volunteer to work extra hours. Those who volunteer are allowed to record Compensatory Time for the extra hours worked, but they are not allowed to claim Overtime or Night Differential pay for the hours worked. Is this acceptable?

Comp Time vs. Credit Hours

I would like to better understand the differences between the two types of Premium Hours. What are the rules dictating how credit hours and comp time are earned, accumulated and used? What are the relative advantages and disadvantages for each?

Comp Time and LEAP

I had a situation where a LEAP (Law Enforcement Availability Pay) employee worked 5 hours past his regular shift. I want to authorize him three hours for comp time, 2 hours for LEAP pay, but my supervisor said it should be all LEAP pay. What is the correct way to pay this employee?

Comp Time/Overtime and the Pay Cap

I am a GS-15 Step 10. My Personnel Department reportedly has received direction from OPM that I cannot receive comp time because my salary restricts me from receiving overtime pay. I thought the agency could restrict the conversion of comp time to overtime pay but they do not accept that. Can you clarify for me?