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Daily TSP Rates

April 17, 2014

Fund Last Change YTD
L Income 16.9750 +0.0069 +0.94%
L 2020 22.0406 +0.0303 +1.12%
L 2030 23.7376 +0.0425 +1.19%
L 2040 25.1366 +0.0530 +1.22%
L 2050 14.2365 +0.0355 +1.23%
G Fund 14.3859 +0.0010 +0.69%
F Fund 16.1278 -0.0505 +2.45%
C Fund 24.2371 +0.0345 +1.52%
S Fund 33.7924 +0.1332 +0.36%
I Fund 25.7933 +0.1257 +0.90%
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