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FedSmith.com is free website for sources of information impacting the federal community and those interested in the federal government’s activities. The site provides original articles from numerous writers with expertise in the federal sector and news headlines updated throughout the day on a variety of topics impacting the federal workforce. We use our extensive experience in working with the federal sector to provide news items of interest each day.

FedSmith.com is an interactive site where users are routinely surveyed on current issues, can comment on various articles, and can interact with experts.

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FedSmith.com offers several email lists to our users which are open to the public and free of charge. The FedSmith.com daily update is sent each business day and features some of the latest headlines we have posted to the FedSmith.com site in the last day. Our daily TSP rates email list gives subscribers the day’s closing share prices for each of the TSP funds along with some other key data about the funds’ share prices. The FedSmith Blogs and FedSmith.tv email lists lets you follow each of those respective blogs via email.

You can subscribe to any of our free email lists at any time through the FedSmith.com websites and you can unsubscribe at any time without any cost or obligation. You do not have to subscribe to our email list in order to use the free resources of FedSmith.com or any of our other websites.

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You can quickly and easily search the FedSmith.com website to find articles by topic/keyword. It is conveniently located at the top of every page on our web site.


All of the services and information we provide to our readers on FedSmith.com are free to the end user. We fund our services through paid advertising. FedSmith.com runs paid ads submitted through Google AdWords™.

Other Sites in the FedSmith Network

FedSmith Blogs

The FedSmith Blogs website offers our users additional news, retirement advice from our authors, videos, leadership skills tips and more on topics of interest to the federal workforce. You can subscribe for free to our FedSmith Blogs mailing list to be automatically notified when we post updates to the site (about one email per day on average).


FedSmith.tv is the newest site in the FedSmith.com family of websites. You will find a vast collection of videos on topics of interest to the federal workforce such as retirement, current events, and training webinars from federal agencies. You can even subscribe to our free FedSmith.tv email list to be notified automatically via email when we post new videos. Visit FedSmith.tv to start streaming!


The FedsDataCenter.com website is provided by FedSmith.com to allow users to quickly and easily search individual federal and postal employee salaries by name, agency, job title and location. Our General Schedule pay calculator is located here as well. Visit FedsDataCenter.com to access and search all of the available resources.


The TSPDataCenter.com website is provided by FedSmith.com to give users access to detailed data about each of the funds within the Thrift Savings Plan. Users will find tables and charts with daily, monthly and annual historical data of the returns of each of the funds. Users can also register on the site for a free account to access the TSP Portfolio Tracker™, a sophisticated program that lets you input buy and sell transactions for your holdings in the TSP and track the returns of your investment portfolios in real time. Please note that the TSPDataCenter.com website and the TSP Portfolio Tracker™ are not affiliated with the Thrift Savings Plan website at tsp.gov in any way. Visit TSPDataCenter.com to learn more.


  • Ian Smith is responsible for the design and programming required to keep the site running smoothly.
  • Ralph Smith has extensive professional federal experience that he applies by writing and editing content for FedSmith.com.
  • Susan McGuire Smith had a 25-year career with the government in contracts, ethics, and personnel law.

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