Susan McGuire Smith

Susan McGuire Smith spent most of her federal legal career with NASA, serving as Chief Counsel at Marshall Space Flight Center for 14 years. Her expertise is in government contracts, ethics, and personnel law.

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Navy Furlough of Civilian Employees Following Sequester Upheld by Court

Filed in News by on October 4, 2015 Comments

A challenge by several civilian Navy employees to their furlough by the agency in response to the 2013 automatic budget cuts resulting from sequestration has been rejected by the appeals court.

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Court Steps in to Remedy ‘Profound Injustice’ by Office of Personnel Management Against a Blind Veteran

Filed in News by on September 20, 2015 Comments

When the Office of Personnel Management was inflexible in dealing with a decorated war veteran, a federal judge stepped in to provide rare injunctive relief “to remedy the profound injustice committed by the federal bureaucracy against a blind war veteran.”

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Don’t Lie on the Federal Employment Application

Filed in News by on September 9, 2015 Comments

A federal employee learned the hard way that if you hide a pretty important fact on your federal job application, you face dismissal from the job and possibly debarment from working for the federal government.

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No Security Clearance, No Job

Filed in News by on August 13, 2015 Comments

If a federal job requires that the employee maintain a security clearance, then if the clearance is revoked the employee no longer meets the job’s requirements. No clearance, no job.

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What’s Wrong With Watching Porn on My Government Computer?

Filed in News by on June 3, 2015 Comments

An ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency) officer got in big trouble when he used his idle time at work to visit questionable websites with the agency computer. He took offense at the charge that he lacked candor in responding to investigators. See how this one came out.

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Two Years Does Not Mean Three-and-a-Half Years

Filed in News by on May 28, 2015 Comments

In yet another situation where a retired federal employee missed the deadline for electing a survivor annuity for his new wife, she ends up with nothing.

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Full Appeals Court Clears Way For Expansion of MSPB Review In Suitability Cases

Filed in News by on May 19, 2015 Comments

A few months ago, the appeals court upheld a significant expansion by the MSPB of its jurisdiction over suitability appeals. OPM fought this expansion by requesting that the full Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit re-hear the case “en banc.” The appeals court has now responded in what is a victory for the Board and a disappointment for OPM.

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Controlling Overtime Budgets Just Got Harder for Agencies

Filed in News by on May 16, 2015 Comments

Federal agencies just got new marching orders from the appeals court on the standards to be applied for when overtime must be paid.

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