When Does An Agency Become A Company?

The Postal Service is engaging in more private enterprise ventures to the dismay of competitors.

What turns a government agency into a private company?

The answer may not be as clear as most readers think. For example, the US Postal Service still maintains a monopoly on delivering mail but it has changed its website address to www.usps.com from www.usps.gov. In other words, it considers itself to be more of a private company than a government agency.

This may be due in part to its entry into business ventures normally associated with private companies. For example, it now offers electronic bill-paying services. Anyone who signs up for the service can pay or send money to anyone with a direct deposit account in the United States.

The agency, rather the company, is also getting involved with online auction services. The US Postal Company will now allow “Pay at Delivery” when the seller uses priority mail with delivery confirmation.

Companies in competition with this new agency/company entity of the government aren’t happy. No word yet on whether the USPS will be lobbying Congress to allow issuing stock in the new entrepreneurial ventures of the organization.

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