C Fund Down 22% for Year; 5.85% for December

Stocks down, bonds up for December. F fund has best return for TSP investors

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board has released the TSP results for December and, as Fedsmith.com wrote last week, the C fund finished in the red for the month and the year. The common stock fund is down 5.85% for December and just over 22% for the past twelve months.

The best fund for TSP investors for 2002 was the F fund which provided a return of 10.27% for the year and 2.08% for December. The G fund continued its steady course with a positive return of 0.38% for the month and exactly 5% for the past twelve months.

The S fund (small company fund), which had the best return for November, was also down. It slipped 4.32% for December and is down 18.14% for the year.

The I fund (international stocks) was down 3.27% for December and 15.98% for the past twelve months.

All in all, December was a typical month for TSP investors in 2002–bonds were up and stocks were down.

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