TSP Results are In: Most Stocks Give Small Positive Return in March

April 3, 2003 12:00 AM , Updated August 18, 2016 4:53 PM
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Shareholders in the TSP’s C fund may feel a little better this month just because the fund did not go down again. It wasn’t much but a positive return of 0.97% for March is the first time since November that the fund has been in positive territory. The fund is still down 24.71% for the past twelve months.

Shareholders of small cap companies (the S fund) did better. They received a gain of 1.55% for March although this fund is also down for the past twelve months-to the tune of 22.38%.

The international stock fund (the I fund) didn’t do so well. It went down 1.90% for the month and is down 23.51% for the past twelve months.

Shareholders of the bond index fund (the F fund) will be disappointed as the fund lost .05% for March as the returns apparently reflected the slight rise in interest rates. The good news is that the fund is still up 11.79% for the past twelve months-by far the best fund to have your money in during the past year.

The G fund continued its small but very consistent positive returns with an increase of 0.33% for March and 4.69% for the past twelve months.

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