Southern California Fire Fund to Help Feds

FEEA has announced the establishment of a fire fund to help employees in Southern California.

Fires are raging in Southern California and a lot of people have lost their homes.

Some of these people who have been harmed by this disaster are federal employees. The Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund (FEEA) is a charitable organization that helps federal employees in need of assistance. Toward this end, the organization has formed the Southern California Federal Employee Fire Fund.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, through its Federal Employee Program representatives, has already committed start-up money to FEEA’s fire recovery effort.

Civilian federal and postal employees affected by the fires may contact FEEA at 1-800-323-4140 or 303-933-7580 to receive information about grants and no-interest loans to help with temporary shelter, clean-up, rebuilding, and other expenses. You can also reach FEEA by e-mail at

Donations to the fund may be made by sending a check to: FEEA 2003 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FEDERAL EMPLOYEE FIRE FUND, 8441 W. Bowles Avenue, Suite 200, Littleton, CO 80123-9501, or via credit card on the internet at or by calling FEEA at 303-933-7580.

For more information about FEEA, visit or call 303-933-7580.

About the Author

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