I Fund Leads The TSP Pack Again in June

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The TSP’s international stock fund (the I fund) gave investors a return of 2.89% in June to lead all TSP funds in average monthly returns. The I fund is up 32.45% for the year which is also leading all other TSP funds.

The small cap fund (the S fund) finished a close second with a monthly return of 2.72%. It is up 29.35% for the past twelve months.

The C fund also did well for investors with a June return of 1.86%. It is up 18.97% for the past twelve months.

The F fund reversed its string of two consecutive months of losses with a positive return of 0.60% for the month. It is up slightly for the past twelve months with a positive return of 0.30%–the lowest return of any of the TSP funds.

And the usually safe and sound G fund finished in last place for the month with a monthly return of 0.38%. It is ahead of the F fund though over the past twelve months with a positive return of 4.29%.

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